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Here it comes again drowning me swallowing me whole   Here it comes again that wretched beast pulling me in with its sharp claws and horrible breath   Here it comes again 
It looked at me with eyes full of madness and rage. It came running towards me angrily. It's glared at me with blazing red eyes. It...IT jumped on me! I could feel it's hot breath press against my skin.
It looked at me with eyes full of madness and rage. It came running towards me angrily. It's glared at me with blazing red eyes. It...IT jumped on me! I could feel it's hot breath press against my skin.
Ears pounding from the sound of my own disappearance My feet forever ceaseless in their own escape Limbs burning, gazed focused solely on the exit Running  
The grass of the backyard Is a wild jungle, The clover a dense thicket A golden hunter, She tramps through the green Eyes bright,
I walked out onto my verandah one day,It was at a place I’d gone to stay.You wouldn’t believe what blocked my way,It was a bloody big Funnel-web Spider.
I walked out onto my verandah one day,It was at a place I’d gone to stay.You wouldn’t believe what blocked my way,It was a bloody big Funnel-web Spider.
The mythical creature hidden in the mountains High above the clouds A fearsome beast waiting for its feast Something in the darkness waiting to be seen
We are the peopleWe are the nationWho has a beast inside Don't disturb usWe open our tongueless mouthsWe roar with a thousand voicesThe thunder of a thousand gunsThunder of a thousand hearts
The sweat beading up, my muscles firing out of control huffing and puffing as i go. Focus, dodge, punch every ounce of strength I go hard, up until the highest length. LIONESS YOU GOT THIS
Adolescent girls held each other when movies got scary and spied on their neighbors during weekly feuds. Conversations about homework and boys   danced around them like a protective halo.
It's not a trial to slay a doe Among the forest floor and snow, Enchanted by the final breath Echoing from the chasm breath. A soul escaping from a snout,  A final breath struggles out
Can you hear me now? As I call out into the silence shattering the illusion of peace only to refill the space with the weeping of the mourning, and groaning of the dead, the screaming of the innocent
Once upon a time.... There was a scary yet brave Vicious and smart beast. Who preyed on the innocent That wore their hearts on a sleeve.
Beauty or Beast?   Come 'round and hear the story of a lass with nightmares to tell! Although, she was trapped in a luxurious castle, she was a strong lass, her heart pure and true,
In a fertile valley in the heart of FranceSat a small village, nestled inFields of golden wheat that reached for the sun as far as the eye could see.A ways off a river gurgledPast it a forest, tall, dark, and storied,
“I love you,” she said, as the last petal Floated to the ground.   But those three words Weren’t murmured in time. In time… To save the beast. To save the servants. To help anyone.
Once upon a time there was a king, but not just a king, A queen, but oh no, Not just a queen, A quite young maiden, But not just a young madien, All were unaware that the perfectly imperfect, 
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?  The Prince used his words as amo, through a computer screen he shot them and laughed with glee, 
Tale as old as time Repeating again and again. Begining in France Then animated by a mouse. A story about a girl like me.   It's just a small town, One she moved to sometime ago.
A howl rings outIn the dead of the nightStraight out of nightmares It gives children a fright.  Paws pad closer Like leaves on the windQuieter than ghosts Quicker than sin.  
Who could love such a beast you might ask But you are wrong to be asking For you should love with your heart Not those brown eyes That you use to see through everything but my heart
the beast beneath me  the beast above  the beast within me  the beast unloved  this beast is wild  this beast is free but love captured it's mind who would love something so beastly?
Four and a half years after you came into my life you are gone from it One year of silent staring Seven months of friendship One year and four some odd months of dating And the rest in between, Well...
Half past twelve Ticking began Surrounded by waves In lengths that fade Silence screamed And my heart gave way To the beast inside Never felt this way
I can only see you in the mirror we shareI know you are not beastnor phantom, but you take careto show me each daythat I am yours andyou are mine.I miss you when you're goneand you miss me too
You scratch and growl With claws and teeth of steel Chest out, proud Smirking like the insolent beast you are   You push, you stomp, you pounce Asserting dominance wherever you can
There is someone inside my headIt is full of rage and carnage With claws as hard like leadMy mind just can't seem to manage It whis
The beast is inside, the opposite path marking his deadly ascent                     All I could feel now at this moment is the raging fury I feel upon seeing the bones of those who failed before me
"There is a beast inside That controls my heart My soul is slowly dying And I need to stop the hurt This beast contols my mind Never is there peace or rest Can I get free in time?
The beast is wild, like a tiger, like a shark. A predator who feels hunger and thirst. She also feels pain and sadness. Does the beast feel happiness? Does she feel joy?
"Hopeless" is the thing with fangs- That stalks one in the night- And hums a heavy tune- Waiting for the chance to strike-  
I am a beastI wonder what the future holdsI hear my steady heartbeat as I run this raceI see my hard work paying off
Her touch is a push and a pull, It'll have you losing your mind and at the same time heal your soul. A savage she is. She'll claw you like a piece of meat, While the beast in her kisses your lips.
....... But what if Beauty was a book Not to be judged by its cover but an inward look Much like the "fetridekyi" which doesnt have a nice appearance but we the Ewes still cook
During my birth and in my life I didnt come alone: I came with a wife
One of my old poems:   Sometimes I feel like a puppet, Pulled along in another's hands Obeying the orders to do this or do that My every rebellion already orchestrated
A beast is all that I am. Nothing is all that I have.
Ragin monstersswarm from the deepto devour,murder.They must be vanquished.   The pretty dronesraise their perfectheads to laughat me.I don’t like them.  
Depression Have you ever heard of such a thing? A dark passenger that takes your soul A marriage without a ring   Anxiety Have you ever felt such an emotion?
chained to stone, to these pillars i know as home withered by time and awaiting to claim what's mine angered by the visions of shame. unleash the beast that resides inside undo my chains that i carry in my mind
I once wanted what anyone wants: compassion. There was something about me that people couldn't stand, Maybe it was my apathy, sarcasm, or something of that fashion.
humans are selfish all to the core whether they show it matters not one bit at all sure some care but they're a bore humans can dis if they dare always seeking more
Black and Blue Do you ever get a clue? Black and red do you know how much i bled? black and green You were always too keen Black and yellow  Afterwords, you were always so mellow.
I Fight, I Fight For The Light. I Fight For Those Sitting Their Room, Crying At Night, Holding That Knife, And Wishing They Died.   I Fight For The Ones Who Lost Hope,
I Am The Wolf, Quite And Sleek,  You'll Never Find Me, No Matter How Long You Seek.   I Hide In The Shadows, For You No Not Witch One, But I'll Make Sure You See Me Smiling,
I know a boy, who is not a man, but a gentle beast Not much too look at, Yet he managed to catch my eye. Whose eyes have seen life’s greatest joys and her sorrows
Close to my head a monster lurks. Although she seems tranquil, her sounds  I fear.  She's dangerous, but delicate. There's a music to her roar, a gentleness. 
She's in no condition to be marketing youth, beautiful as she may be. Age has caught up to this queen, and it seeps through her meticulously touched up image.  
Looking into the eyes of a savage beastI see blood that boils beyond the breaking pointand beneath his feet are the brittle bonesof the ones he's put an painful slumber.
You’re feeling insecure Don’t know what for You have everything That others dream for You are beautiful, strong, and pure
Fond memories, led astray No glimpse of hope, such disarray Scornful judgment brings out a beast, so tame Blinded by its fear, naught bravery remain Tearing at the wounds that reject
In the valley of the Shadow of Death, There’s no place to hide, no place to rest. The demons there, haunting your every step. Choking you ‘till you have no breath.   The light at the end of the tunnel
When your pain is tangible You can reach out and touch it. It’s everywhere, consuming you. You don’t even realize how lon_____g it’s been eating away at your insides, until they finally cave in and c
Nights of terror seem to pass And days of sorrow fade. In every moment that I laugh I slowly crawl out of the shade. Bits and pieces start to form But some parts are still gone.
Hey you… Yeah, you. The girl with all the scars and stories to tell. The boy who sits alone in the corner, The child with a black eye from “falling down the stairs”, I’m here for you, Now and forever.
Rivulets running down the side of your lips. White eyelets yellowed/fraying at the tips. Loud starlets clawing at the rim--one more sip. Dimly lit can you hear thunder shoving ribs?  
Writing lights the path of ever darkness A darkness that consumes all emotions Feeling has ceased, sight has ceased, taste has ceased Senses taken over by the evil A beast that knows absolute no loving
His white muzzle is concealed in crimson The rogue at his feet heaves its last breath Sure of its death he limps away Back to his pack He must defend them Whatever the cost Blood drips from a leg
You set the mold Every day consists of pieces of you Differentiate life lessons and sheer misery I’m unable to see That words can mean more than deceit This can't be all that’s around me When you awake
A beast.  I was strong, fast, unbeatable, Red eyes, hot breath, Power flowing like blood. You were my pet,  Your only purpose was to make me  Happy.  And when you failed
I haten people call me beautiful because it's all a facade because that beauty like everything else will start to fade then their left with the real me and they'll see the beauty they once loved has turned intoa beast.
The Feared Beast
Love, a touchy subject to be sure, for not all can claim its ownership and those who do may be in possession of an entirely different animal, but as you are along for this wild ride can you truly distinguish between furs, or have you simply been e
Love is blind yet it sees the most Are you fearful because you can't run away when you're uncomfortable? The beast in you is the monster in me You tear me to pieces but it sets me free
A crawling crack in the cold ice, a minor flaw The water below, bursting, seeping through the breaking jigsaw Creaking and shrieking, the sheets of water cried as they were leaking
Hopes and dreams crash like a meteor falling The outcome is inevitable, so why are you stalling? You knew what would happen; who would win How could anyone love you? You’ve committed too many a sin.
Come to me, oh child of the green. You're ways are cruel and mean. And I, the beast, am calling you home. To the depths of darkness unseen.
In the realm of gods and men Man shall prosper, god will end Broken mind, strong will is bent Soul is freed, body now spent So stand and pretend And embrace as if friends.
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