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A crawling crack in the cold ice, a minor flaw
The water below, bursting, seeping through the breaking jigsaw
Creaking and shrieking, the sheets of water cried as they were leaking
Their opaque look and solid feel were misleading
A graveyard lies below the sheets, with pond weeds as epitaphs
Two beings linger on the ice like souls entering Limbo, helpless to its grasps
A metallic monster, mercilessly called to the black abyss
Happening in slow-motion, like that of a first kiss
A kiss that would be the first and last for this beast
The fire of his heart and the pulse of his master’s ceased
The master, who led the beast, brought their unknowing death
It was because of him that they now breathed their last breath
The ice taking but this one man’s soul and its beast with it
Victims, drowning in the watery pit
If only the man’s ignorance hadn’t been,
Perhaps then, he would be.



Great poem! I loved how it flowed so smoothly!

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