Beauty And The Beast part 1

Wed, 02/04/2015 - 18:19 -- Just_ET

During my birth and in my life

I didnt come alone: I came with a wife

When they saw her, they said, "What a Beautiful Creation" 

until they cast their eyes on me and shouted "Ei! Why this Abomination?!"

But see, it wasnt funny, Damn Discrimination

and I got used to it after it happened on several occasions.

Walking around people looking at me like I am insane

others running away like I am the new Saddam Hussein 

I never fully understood why most people said "Goodbye!" before I had the chance  "Hi"

then picking up a mirror I saw a contourted face...

So many pimples accompanied by these two dimples sometimes looking like grains and if you knew not how to navigate then it would be a maze

They treated me like an alien and gave me some space

cause anytime I tried to join them they would increase their pace

almost as if they were trying to win their own imaginable race

I still think about how everyone looks at me and not be amazed........

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