Have you ever heard of such a thing?
A dark passenger that takes your soul
A marriage without a ring
Have you ever felt such an emotion?
A constant fear with irrational thoughts 
Drowning like your in the ocean
Have you ever experienced this feeling? 
It takes control, you can't control
Your words, they send them reeling
What becomes of you when this becomes you?
Your not who you once were
You try but never can you return 
You can cry scream bicker and moan
But youll always need to yearn 
For something more
Something different
The happiness you had as an infant
The road can seem dark and scary 
And you may have done your Hail Mary
But giving up is never an option
No other life is up for adoption
A strong mind and an open heart 
Will give your life a new start
A quitter never wins and a winner never quits 
Stand strong my dear, through all the nasty hits. 
For you are loved, and love you shall do
For what I say I've experienced, and it all is true. 


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