Beastly Beauty


I know a boy, who is not a man, but a gentle beast

Not much too look at, Yet he managed to catch my eye.

Whose eyes have seen life’s greatest joys and her sorrows

Chocolate brown eyes shining brighter than stars in the velvet summer nights

Or the deep raging depths of hell below on scorching summer days.


His lips pulled back over his teeth, once willing to show halfhearted smiles

Never truly smiling, just a halfhearted smile but always trying.

Loss of innocence, ending your smiles forever so young

Yet you smiled for me, and I wondered



Sun-kissed arms once wrapped me in a warm embrace

Safe and protected

Yet those same arms pushed me away

The message is clear, STAY AWAY


He is a wild beast that gives himself up to the desires and impulses of nature

Wild, Passionate, Determined, Courageous, Outspoken

Yet patient, persistent, long suffering

Quiet and watchful like an old sage


Frustration builds, tempers are tested

Away you go, No longer the gentle beast I knew

Heartache as memories resonate

Your words echo within the mind, a cruel echo

“It’s not goodbye, It’s I’ll talk to you later. I’ll never leave you.”

Broken promises,

Is what this beast left behind


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