The Attention

She loves to be mentioned

It’s like she needs the recognition

Since day one, thats been her number one mission

She hurts others just for the attention

Everyone knows her heart is ice cold,

But to prevent from becoming her next target,

no one gets bold

Bold enough to call her out

Find out what’s her deal all about


She constantly asks “Am I pretty”

Or make comments such as “I’m ugly, thats no one likes me”

But shes beautiful, flawless to say the least

Now her personality is what makes her resemble the monster from beauty and the beast

I’m not hating

But I’m tired of relating with only the victims of her wrath

One beautiful girl plus a dozen insecurities

Now you do the math

See thats not fair

But what is fair really?


The mistreatment of some

But thats just teasing, one may say

But since when has minor teasing led someone to cry everyday?

They’re too sensitive!

But who are we to judge?

Not everyone takes a mean comment and brush it off with a simple shrug


We have to be careful as to what we support nowadays

You’re no longer a child

Your attitude is more than just a faze
We need to stop allowing these individuals to think that being rude is okay

So when does it end?

Bullying in another form

By the princess

So apparently its a self esteem test

But the question is?

For the bullied or the bully?

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