On The Run

Ears pounding from the sound of my own disappearance

My feet forever ceaseless in their own escape

Limbs burning, gazed focused solely on the exit







Running in a never ending race


Lips chapped and rugged from lack of thirst

Mind torn from reality and perception

Paranoia of when the next day would come

The ghosts that I have carried with me for so long

I have forgotten that they are dead


The clock will always be turning

Waiting to count down my steps of an out of reach refuge

I am losing my grip of feeling alive

Dreading when the darkness will catch my ankles

Can you hear the howls?


Further and further in to the forest I tremble

The daylight barely escaping through the canopies

Tears finally flow with the beat of my hearts fear

Please just leave me alone

Why must this shadowy beast hunger for my flesh and blood

What do you want from me…..







Running until my lungs give out


Lifelessly scratched, torn, bleeding onto the earth’s floor

Run, RUN, my mind screechs uncontrollably

Till the shadows emerge to the open

Alas my legs broken from the fall

It was only a matter of when


Staring at the shadow, the creature I call my own

The truth I hide in the depths of my soul

Strolling up to my hollow look of defeat

I tear the dirt from underneath and toss like smoke

Leaving a trail of dust


Another start, another run

Another game of who can outlast their physical states

Adapting to the new obstacles of the treeline

Running away from confrontations

I’m always running








On the run from myself....


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Masteful...and if you add music to it to fly...you have a very healthy potion....

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