The Beast

Fri, 11/13/2015 - 00:55 -- lupe572

The beast is wild,

like a tiger, like a shark.

A predator who feels

hunger and thirst.

She also feels pain and sadness.

Does the beast feel happiness?

Does she feel joy?

Has the beast come to see herself as only a beast?

The beast knows survival.

She knows what it's like to be feared.

Does she know she is admired?

That she is beautiful?

A majestic creature who roams the earth alone.

She has desires, she has needs, does she have feelings? 

She does feel. 

The beast has the knowledge of ages. 

Of love and loss.

She has born children and lost them.

The beast has been hunted, she has known fear.

The beast has hunted and has instilled fear. 

But the beast has strength, she has power,

that I wish I had.

I fear the beast, and I admire her.

I am the beast. 


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