Behind the Curtain Scholarship Slam

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Speaking  Is a hard thing 
You aren't!  They say,
As I find myself wondering, who I really am I think to myself where I started, and how far I've come. I struggle to find what is me, and what is the creation, made by the media. I like to think that I am what I am,
No one really knows me I'm not sure what they see But from the way they talk and look At me I know they don't feel close to me Don't they know they're all I have?
Like a magical wardrobe lost in time Behind the fur coats you will find A door way to an open Skye  
That's ItI've made itI'm doneI booked my ticket straight to the sunThe stars speak and I hear;"This is your Captain speaking,Your one way flight from victim, Land of SilenceHome of the Slave
I wake up hoping today will be different Hoping I can actually get up Hoping I can live Hoping I live Hoping Hope... something I lost Not all at once no Slowly I lost all hope
I look into the past a see a girl afraid of trying A girl afraid to fail, a girl afraid of shining A girl that even though they encouraged again and again, Never saw what they saw
I think best when I'm alone
My friends’ minds do not blush at their ignorance, My friends’ ears do not turn red Instead, their flesh molts as a dead thing’s does. From purple to blue From blue to black From disused to diminished
The Dragon’s Wings   Fantasy within, reality without, Wings down, curtains up, Straight face, hiding the goofy smile, Professional by day, amateur at night,
Popular. That's me. I have a lot of friends I'm confident in myself
Read my Mind, Read my Face,
My directors always tell me to just go whenever I am ready,
A rainbow bracelet rests proudly on my wrist. It’s my subtle, colorful way of silently coming out to anyone that cares to look.Frayed strings brush against my palm as I type,a constant reminder to hold back no more.
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, For he is not the me you're supposed to see. Keep paying attention
I live in a world of crudeness I live in a world full of venom I live in a world which finds victory in sadness I live in a world full of crushed sprits  
For some reason you feel like you can look down on me. I am not a rock. Not something you can just kick because in your path I'm a block. Why don't you just see?   I am here screaming.
The beige drapery marks the edge of the path I walk it is a heavy wall.   It shakes at my touch, and I can listen to the sounds  that I may never see.   No one can see me,
Ignore the girl hiding behind the maskshe whispers to me at night"what have you done?""you're so stupid""why would anyone want to care about you?"her whispers raise in volume and venom
Behind the mask she hides, counting all her lies Convincing herself she's okay, and everyone else along the way   Afraid to go back to the dark, the past leaves a mark
Humans carried each other on our backs, evolved and made new discovers. Now what do we do? Bring down, try to overpower and hurt each other with no regrets. Sanity is slowly being lost with ever baby being born into this corrupt world.
1         What am I doing?            I am confused with my thoughts.            Where is this sudden rush coming from? 4         I want it but I don't need it.            It's really needed want in a sense,
In the halls, I am the girl in boots the girl who smiles as she walks by
Loud Chords, Heavy Notes Piano, Flute Music Instead of Words Rhythm Over Screams Tempo Opposed to Whispers. Melodies Instead of Words. Hidden Behind a Curtain of Brown Wood and Silver Keys.
You never taught me to not let men beat and mutilate me. You just sat there and watched; Is it because the same thing happpened to you? Exactly like what they have done to you mommy.
Clearest voice, sincere talks Laughing mouth, slow walks Walking with Him by my side, living with such heavy lies Guilt, guilt, with nowhere to hide
School. A place where we learn An education is what we yearn Most looking to be successful and rich  Hoping to enter the world without a niche They say it's a scary world out there you will see
I am a man, not an African American man as some may say but just a man. I only belong to one race and as the great Bruce Lee said that's the human race. Yet to win this race, I put on a mask that's fake.
Life is a muddle  of different opinions and beliefs What do I belive? It's all a whirlpool of confusion Swirling me around Until I no longer know what is right from wrong
Why would we Who have so much to offer Want to hide behind a mask? Trying to blend with a crowd full of people all trying to be like everyone else We try to camouflage
Sunday morning, I wake up on a couch with my male friend. What happened last night? All I remember was taking some shots and then feeling really happy.
A mirror, a window to your soul From which nothing can be hidden. A thin sheet of glass Between two worlds, Separating us from our lies, That which cannot be hidden from ourselves.
Every morning we wake and do our daily chore as my dad continues to snore He hugs and kisses me so much I turn cold and stiff just by his touch I do my best to play it cool
It's five a.m. I get all dressed up. I put my make-up and my heels on. I stare in the mirror and who I see, she's not really me. This girl in the mirror is beautiful and intelligent. She's vivacious and confident, all while being so strong.
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