Raise the Curtain: A Letter to Myself


I look into the past a see a girl afraid of trying

A girl afraid to fail, a girl afraid of shining

A girl that even though they encouraged again and again,

Never saw what they saw

And as I recall she’d have tears in her eyes

And all the gifts that God had given her she unknowingly denied

Her mindset had to change and she knew it

But when and how it was too long she had been through it

Just a laugh or a giggle would make her think it was her

Or a look across a room would make her question her worth

Confirmation from people is what she thought she needed

But that never was the case and I wish she could see that


If I could go back to the past I’d tell her that she was beautiful

And to listen to her family because they told her that as usual

Her personality is great but nobody would ever know it

Because she was to afraid to speak, and she was too afraid to show it

She had forgotten her creator

Made in his own image and no one could separate her

She was destined for greater

Didn’t notice till’ later how special she was……

And then she opened her eyes and she quickly recognized

That her self esteem could rise like the curtain she hid behind


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