Melodies instead of words

Sat, 11/22/2014 - 22:09 -- 2089622

Loud Chords, Heavy Notes

Piano, Flute

Music Instead of Words

Rhythm Over Screams

Tempo Opposed to Whispers.

Melodies Instead of Words.

Hidden Behind a Curtain of Brown Wood and Silver Keys.

I Know I'm Funny, Nice, Pretty

You Just Don't Know the Real Me. 

Please Listen to my music, but also to the Real Me.

If you pay attention, you can feel my pulse instaed of the beat.

Always the same songs because they mean something

Lyrics instead of vulnerability

Sheet Msuic over conversations

Instruments opposed to outspoken

Melodies instead of words.

i know I'm sweet, smart, and pretty

you just don't know the real me.




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