Mommy Can You Hear Me?


You never taught me to not let men beat and mutilate me.
You just sat there and watched; Is it because the same thing happpened to you?
Exactly like what they have done to you mommy.
I know you and Dad are ashamed of me for bringing a baby home at seventeen; But you never taught me what real love is and should look like.
If you did then you probably wouldn't be with Dad and then I wouldn't be here today.
I always hear you say me and my son stresses you out; so it can give you an excuse to let Oxy and Perky rock you to sleep so you won't help me.
I am drowning in front of you but you say that you'll do it later; but one day if I drown then there still won't be a later for you.
Why can't you just say no so my hope wont be stranded and dragged out for miles by your cold heart for no apperant reason.
That's why I hide behind this curtain.
I have a mask for every occasion with a dress to match.
My masks only shows what you expect of me and what Im comfortable with showing you.
On the inside im desperately seeking to show them the real me but my masks whispers no.
My smoke and mirrors like a web of lies engulfed me; I am invisible.
I have lost myself in it all; if the curtains pulls back im not sure if they will still love me or turn into enemies before my eyes.
Will society banish me for my suspected anarchist ways?; Im only a misguided angel.
Why don't you acknowledge me; love me? The only thing that feels heaven-sent is him.
I protect my son at all costs with every inch of my life.
Everyday I want only the best for him unlike what you have done for me.
I am guilty of sin; but my soul is still innocent and I am proud of that.
This angel will become greater and fly back to the heavens where I belong; with the chosen ones with my son by side.
Mommy can you hear me?


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