This World Has Changed


Humans carried each other on our backs, evolved and made new discovers. Now what do we do? Bring down, try to overpower and hurt each other with no regrets. Sanity is slowly being lost with ever baby being born into this corrupt world. This world has changed.

An innocent child learns from what happens around them. Then they believe hurting and being hurt is normal. This child learns to hurt what is most important to them and doesn’t understand the pain that they create for others. This world has changed.

In this life, young girls like me are scared to open up. Fear has taken control of all decisions that they make. I live in a world where judgment takes the best of me. My confidence decreases with every negative word thrown at me. This world has changed.

I am judged be society for how I look before anything else. I can have a nice personality, but my body must back it up. I am taught by society that to find love you, must show off your body, not your mind. People talk about me because I don’t have all the necessary curves on my hips or the cute features on my face. This world has changed.

I am beaten down for not being a follower and condoning to the acts done by others. I am judged for having morals and not showing off my body. I am isolated from others for not bullying or making fun of the other children. I am called out in school by teachers for not being “loud” or “extra” like the other students. This world has changed.

Everything is backwards. Society has changed. We have let the darkness in people come out. We are supposed to empower each other but we hurt each other instead. I am judged for not being like everyone else. The people of this Earth don’t appreciate difference. This world has changed.


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