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Guide me now my gentle Father, Hold me in Your clasping wings.  Please fastly keep me, Hidden deeply,  Deep beneath Your folding wings. 
Hold On Be Strong! 💪 These those dying on the Bedstead! Stand to your feet no defeat. Never let anyone tell you harbour no disease. For the secret of a mighty wealth is a sanely health.
I’m honest and genuine when I declare my love for my King. I love you more than I have ever loved another, you make my soul sing. This love hit different, deeper, a real soul connection type of thing.
  I am scared, you hold my hand. I have anxiety, you soothe my fears. I feel overwhelmed, you offer me solutions. I am sad, you make me laugh. I need to talk, you always listen.
I write with the gentleness I want through others support,  I write with the reassurance I want when I feel I fall short.    Poetry can listen in ways people cannot, It is a written way to organize a thought. 
I hope you realize how much you mean to me, regardless of where a relationship between us stands. I hope you know that you make my day. Even when I fell like the world around me is falling apart,
Atlas, no wonder You've had so many surgeries - You carry too much weight on your back   You worry that, under all of the pressure, You're cracking That your physique wore away with time  
The smile on my face   My laugh makes you smile. And your smile makes me glow.
When I feel the life fall from my eyes, down towards the ground, falling through the dips and valleys of my cheeks,  when I feel as though my knees are drawn to the earth,
rough patches on skin,  bumps around eyes,    discoloration they look like little countries   little cities live in my little countries, with little buildings and little homes
As I enter this day,  what most do I crave? Unlimited, love-genuine intimacy with someone who never leaves   Embraced daily close to a heart that's 
What happens when a window becomes bare? Deprived of lonely security- Which normally was aided by dull, pitiful curtains, Will it survive the prodding of light infiltration?
I am a survivor, a Rose 
Fantasy Surreal, Whimsical Frollicing, Flying, Dreaming Fun all day and all play, No fun and all work
My home is a feeling, not a place The feeling I get when I see the face of my dear and trusted family The one's with no blood shared yet bonds we see. O how I yean and yearn for ye
  Easy Rebecca Sidoti 2014  
All of our dreams have been the same- to spread our wings and take flight with the hot sun beating down and strong winds blowing.
The key falls into my hand. The door opens. Piercing noises around me Subside. I have to hide, before they take me back.  I run Into a never ending hall of doors Leading to infinite worlds.
I look out at the still black water 
cold, crisp air the night sky, a  navy bluefabric specled with tiny dimonds streatching across the horizon your chest firm and warm on my chapped cheek chat presses against it
You're an infant in space,Is that what it is?
Her doleful eyes pierced his silhouetteThe mind, pushing back his tearsleft his heart unguardedAs lies escaped his breathso did their security
Based off of “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou   The Day roars sunlight at the first break of morning and sheds out his mane till only his sun commands and pounces happily in his playful freedom.
If I had an angel,  it would be you. You fly to me when I need your rescue. The sky was brightly blue and on your wings you flew. I’m not very sure how you knew
Home? What is Home? Home is where the full heart bursts With love and laughter In joy immersed. Home is where the spirit feels Safe, secure, revived, And healed.
I watched the flames lick the ivory walls, Of my house, Of my home. Now I trod on sodden ground, Like a sponge under my feet. I pick up the pieces, Charred memories. A single tear leaks from my soul.
How many times a broken heart Have to break before it stops to start? How long when tears are cried and fears Assigned will they continue to grind our minds We hold to fear 'cause it makes sense
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