Never Alone

I write with the gentleness I want through others support, 

I write with the reassurance I want when I feel I fall short. 


Poetry can listen in ways people cannot,

It is a written way to organize a thought. 

When your head is spinning it's a place to plant your feet, 

It is an escape but by no means is it a retreat. 


When you have lost your sense of balance and there is no hand to grasp, 

When tears are falling and your emotions are not something you can clasp, 

You can relax and just write. 


Poetry has taught me to sit back and breathe. 

Poetry has taught me a form of sympathy.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
Poetry Terms Demonstrated: 



This is amazing ! i agree 100% with you !. especially when you said "it is an escape but by no means is it a retreat" 

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