You're an infant in space,
Is that what it is?
Screaming for touch,
But touch you can't get-

No, that's too easy;
Too simple yet-
You're yearning,
Now hush! Take your hands from your ears-

You're a lion without roar,
That much is clear;
But that's not your daily dagger,
Is it my dear?

Yes, we all know,
What your eyes say for you-
Alone you've always felt,
But we've felt such too;

Although the company is not what strikes your heel,
You're not very different from anyone else here.

Freak you whisper,
Alone at night-
But friend, 
we're all strangers who know well how to hide.

Normal is but a word,
No one can translate-
No one can define,
Not any Einstein can say.

We're all but freaks
In a perfect outer shell,
The only wound you have,
Is that it doesn't sit you well.


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