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On a monday When the rain decides to sing my name and the sun rides away  I'll be waiting for you again Craving a simple glance Thirsting for the slightest Hello or Goodbye I stand waiting
When you looked at me, I knew we were meant to be. You warmed my happy heart, My young soul believed we would never part.   When we laughed at each other,
There lies a way of forgetting your past, Its a big secret with hollow in its mass. Moving on is the only solution they say, I wave you to make your soul ride in its way. To break all the tyres and follow up your way,
You have finally stopped thinking about him Once in awhile though, you reminisce He gave you a zest for life you never knew possible. Initially it was inspiration, then came the taint of purpose.
Tangled in words unspoken, Cut by dreams that are broken, With open eyes I stare in wonder  At this world so sundered. I'm afraid to speak, Terrified to dream, For my fragile heart is easy to shatter.
Scattered on the floor was a broken plate,
I have a healthy fear of lying To myself and those around me Often these lies They won't die No matter how hard I try I just feel like I'm dying.
Left alone in the dark, I wasnt ready for the spark to disappear into the dark. My feeling of desperation, tends to cloud my asperations.  We talked, you mocked, and in the end I felt shocked  
A universe so massive, an earth so large,
I dreamt of you last night. 
Move like an ocean, 
Don't let people get you down. Don't let anger control you. Don't let all hope be lost. Don't let hard times make you bitter. Don't let obstacles get in your way. Don't let a small thing ruin your day.
I trace the wind It’s path, it takes me Past the part Of happy endings Now I swim I swim so swiftly I cry, I try To hear myself   Can I reclaim my innocence
Well I guess its over But liking you aint gone I cant believe you really like her But then again i can Ill miss those little hugs The way id want to kiss The wayid dream of you Oh well
Coming at u like a vulture By. NSKHaha------ im backAnd im black get use to it if I had a school I would teach knowledge cuz these niggas ain't use to it...Promoting all this drama like college was only for Obama...
Move on altogether  But don't forget the small ones Who loved you forever
Smile no one will ever know.
I wrote you poems when my heart was at its best and at it’s worst.
Life is a scary placeWith a costant faceDreaming hard playing hardFinding the unknown traceBut down you stumbleCausing earth to rumbleLosing every breath
Each new face starts to blur The memories fade; I do not know what will occur Each new place fills my heart with sorrow Because I am unaware of what will happen tomorrow  
It doesn't matter what you say, It doesn't matter what you call me, I will continue on. You can't control me, and I don't need you, I will continue on. You're through with me?
1) I may be cheating by counting you. Romance doesn't mean much in  the seventh grade. We held hands once during a bus ride, your palms were sweaty. I didn't mind.
You'll drop anything, to help the one who suffers.   You're like a candle , you'll burn yourself just to give light to others.   A super hero without the mask and cape.  
Dear Stranger,
I was the oldest, So I should’ve died first, But now you’re buried in the ground, At only twenty-one years young, They say you were hung, And now I’m listening to sad songs, Did you hate us all that much,
So we're back at it again, Picking up where we left off. Let's just act and play pretend, Like we never broke at all. Sticking to our roles, see who can play them best.
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