Move On

Tangled in words unspoken,

Cut by dreams that are broken,

With open eyes I stare in wonder 

At this world so sundered.

I'm afraid to speak,

Terrified to dream,

For my fragile heart is easy to shatter.

Given a sword, your words your blade,

Given my demons that my mind has made,

I hide in the shadows to pray.


I'm afraid to open up,

To give people a chance,

To prove me wrong.

I don't judge on first sight,

But to let you in is often my plight.


I sit and listen to a song,

Waiting for my heart to move on.

I'm stuck here in my tattered memories,

I'm not ready to go on.

I'm afraid of the world,

But I can't stop living,

So I'll take a chance to face the world,

And pray that it is giving.


I've been shattered,

I've been hurt,

But so has everyone else,

So be careful out there,

In this cruel world.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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