Time to Move On

Each new face starts to blur

The memories fade; I do not know what will occur

Each new place fills my heart with sorrow

Because I am unaware of what will happen tomorrow


As I enter the car, I turn and wave goodbye

And all this time I just wish I could fly

To a place that I could call home

But sadly, that place is still unknown


At one point I was at an all time low

Only time can heal all that I had to undergo

I believe that everything happens for a reason

And that pain only stays for a season


At that moment I had an epiphany

What I realized felt like a royal symphony

I had to change my view of the present and fast

Then, I no longer wished to change my past


It was time to move on

The past was already gone

I came to understand that all the pain I had to pay

Shapes the person I am today







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