Forgive and Forget

Forgive and forget?
I will forgive but I won't forget
I won't forget when the one friend 
I had turned her back on me
This is why I have trust issues
Why I hold grudges
because those I would be willing
To do anything for,
Wouldn't do the same for me
So I'm left torn and confused
As I look back on our friendship
It was quite fast, fit to last
But I was hurt that day
My feelings completely ignored
I thought it was a joke
That they would come back for me 
It turned out I was the joke
And that's when I had a battle within me
A battle filled with screams and tears
And all I could say is where is she?
Why didn't she come back for me?
Forget the rest, I didn't care
Because I cared about her
Looks like she didn't care about me
I am a person filled with emotion
More like a bottle that pops off
But more inside to prevent an outside leak
As I grow older 
I know I must confront
Handle my business like a woman
No child games
For no children
Forgive and forget
I can forgive but I cannot forget



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