On a Monday

On a monday

When the rain decides to sing my name

and the sun rides away 

I'll be waiting for you again

Craving a simple glance

Thirsting for the slightest Hello or Goodbye

I stand waiting

as the water and tears trickle down my scar ridden skin

You are so good yet so bad

You are so close yet so far

I know I don't know millions of things

Knowledge is the one thing I hunger for most

For curiosity is the endless fuel to my undying crackling fire

My passion for life, for answers, it can never expire

When the rain calls my name

On a Monday

With her sweet lips against my ear 

I'll sing her the sun's love song

For the sun rode away

I'll follow his glittered path

Follow along 

If Life is a puzzle

It's one I need to piece together

I can't not sink in the concrete wasting time for you

My heart must send the thought of you into the stars

While it can sing over the moon

"When the days are gray. And the clods don't move. Just belive. That one day. The sun will sing to the rain again. Laying her sweet head on the clouds. As he smiles for her above us"


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