Fri, 01/10/2014 - 01:36 -- echu24


Life is a scary place
With a costant face
Dreaming hard playing hard
Finding the unknown trace
But down you stumble
Causing earth to rumble
Losing every breath
Not even able to mumble
Every step is trouble
Looking back in the past
Its something that I yearned
Struggles that I learned
Memories that I burned

Lies are tangled all together
Hanging around the mother
Loosely tied with the father
Wasted my life being a victim
Broken from heart to limb
Painful truths not needed to be told
My little ears can no longer hold
Fists start swinging behold
Blood drips ice cold
As I write a this poem
Its left with no title in bold
But spread the word
Its made to be told


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Life is a beautiful struggle

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