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What's Look Got To Do With It?   This poem is dedicated to you. Miss. Gorgeous Tina Turner You must comprehend that you turned heads at every corner
Nou pa konnen Lè nou di orevwa Paske demen Se pou sèlman Bondye nan syèl la Nou pa konnen Si se pa yon dènye vizyon
Nós não sabemos Quando dizemos adeus Porque amanhã Só pertence a Deus no céu Nós não sabemos Sobre o último olhar
We do not know When we say goodbye Because tomorrow Only belongs to God in the sky
We come We roam And we go That’s all we know.   We come on earth We roam, we surf
as heat envelops my small body, and the earth disappears from view, i have to wonder what i did  to deserve this debut.   
Betty M. White was an ingenuous comedian A hilarious lady and a great actress However, this classy quasi-centenarian Was ahead of her time. Nobody could mess
He starred in "Newhart", "Bosom Buddies" and "Baby Makes Five".Sadly, his life ended on October 22, 2021, he was unable to survive.In 2020, Scolari starred in a movie titled "Looks That Kill".
Mujer, mujer que amé inusualmente Hacen varias primaveras Cuando el clima era bueno e inhóspito Cuando el viento silbaba rápido, bajo y lento
Jerry Stiller has died at the age of 92, he lived to a ripe old age.He starred in movies, television shows and also on stage.Jerry starred in both "Seinfeld" and "The King of Queens".
I was twelve years too late. Or perhaps you were twelve years too soon. Yet, your melodies, Your soul, Your sheer passion and enchant,
Here’s what really happens, You shut down, you go blank. One minute you’re here, the next one your mind is dragging itself around in circles like an old dog.
Here she hobbled slowly With pain in every step, And there she’s dancing gracefully But I hurt, because she left.   Here her hands were wrinkled, Her hair thinning and white,
20 years have now passed  and It’s hard to believe That the pain of the loss  is still there with me As strong as before  but with less memory But no less the desire though
In times of uncertainty, the world becomes my stage; Unexplainable moments fueled by involuntary rage; Striding through life, mind toward the sky; Ambitions, dreams, and hopes placed high;
I have been a fan of Shane Koyczan for quite a while now. So I'm going to try and combine all his works and throw some of mine in there with it. I hope this goes well.  . When I was a kid I hid my heart under my bed
On The Pulse of the Morning
You starred as Batgirl and as the green babe in an episode of Star Trek.You died of breast cancer and your fans and family's lives are a wreck.Breast cancer is a big threat to women, it's what many have died of.
If you hadn't died, today you would've become sixty-seven.But God called you home and you're with him in Heaven.Because of your bad infection, you had an aneurysm and couldn't be healed.
If you hadn't died, today you would've become sixty-six.Your death has proved that a broken heart isn't easy to fix.On the day of your death, I knew that I would loathe the year 2013.
If you hadn't died in March, you would've turned 65 today.Life hasn't been as good since you passed away.Everybody who knew you, knew that you were nice.But I took things for granted and now I'm paying the price.
When I saw you in your casket, it brought tears to my eyes.You died two years ago today on the thirteenth day of July.When the doctors said that your illness was terminal, I didn't want to believe that it was true.
It was a fact that you were sweet and that you were very cute.You were adorable, that's something that people won't dispute.While you were eating lunch in the MGM Commissary, you were discovered.
You died at the young age of twelve in 1988.Your death was something everybody would hate.You died of Cardiac Arrest that was caused by Intestinal Stenosis.You were a very pretty and talented girl, everybody knows thia.
Even though you've been dead for two years, I still miss you terribly.While you were alive, I meant a lot to you and you meant a lot to me.You were an excellent mother and that is certainly true.
This is a war
A year and a half ago, Mom went to be with the Lord.She entered the Pearly Gates, Heaven is her reward.She was born in 1948 and died sixty-four and a half years later.
A free me breathes in the air As I spread my wings As I sing and as I scream For joy No less I put my wings To the test And fly. And soar. And go through The open door
Sequel to Maya Angelou: Still I Rise
Dear Dr. Angelou I wrote you this letter the other day but waited I wanted to wait But you were gone...... Left us unreal and heartbroken But there is one thing all I wanted to say
Smoke clouding your sight, your vision
the good definitely die young
Above the prison Was a sign That read "For the Greater Good".  That was his motto- The motto of the prison's only inmate.  Under this motto he and his friend-
If you weren't rogue maybe we could have been If maybe I wasn't human it would have worked We both are who we are though And still we fight for each others hands
A black face is all they see They see black and think of evil and greed But this is much more than just a black face to me A philsopher, stroyteller a role model to me Some people see the lighter side
The king of ‘em all. I’m a hit ya with a tribute To Biggie Smalls like Tylenol. Straight from Crooklyn Better known as Brooklyn. That’s where I got my beats took in You’re dry and I’m fly
Dying on the inside Every day, I feel the trail of blood Moving down my face The agony, I can imagine Our hearts I know were just the same Our eyes two of a kind Souls entwined
I burn for you old dreams a thin smoke weaving itself away into the atmosphere I burn like a single flame atop a candle wishing to bring light to your every dark corner
Ils vous ont dit "tu n'es pas assez jolie" Mais ce n'est pas la vérité, chère Judy Ils vous ont dit "toi, tu es trop grosse" Mais leurs allégations étaient fausses Vous étiez talentueuse--pas prétentieuse
Round curls and shiny locks In gold, red, and brown Bounce on their foreheads As they skip and run through the halls.
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