you are a dandelion
ever changing yet ever the same
you maintain a fragility that is daunting 
I want to make you mine
to hold you
to admire your beauty in true detail
but I'm warned to keep my distance
something so magical 
so fragile
cannot be held too close
for the risk
that once I impart my grip
the near captured happiness
will abandon me and link graces with the wind
never again to be loved so easily.
you are a dandelion
pretty and alluring
lending me fear 
that the same breath I exhale in awe 
will be the breath that does me in 
and carries you away with the wind.
you are a dandelion
I'm afraid of standing too close
afraid of preventing you from living life
as a vessel of beauty
inspiring others with hearts like ours;
you are too grand a concept.
you are a dandelion


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