Fri, 01/10/2014 - 17:06 -- krob


Above the prison

Was a sign

That read

"For the Greater Good". 

That was his motto-

The motto of the prison's only inmate. 

Under this motto he and his friend-

A friend who saw the effects of their dreams-

Planned to rule over those who did not possess their unique gifts, 

After finding three objects to make them masters of Death.

Under this motto the prisoner imprisoned those he saw as inferior-

"Regular" people and those who didn't share his ideals. 

Eventually, his former friend-the one who realized his errors-

Came to fight him to save their world. 

His friend won their duel and locked him in Nurmengard-

The prison meant to be punishment for their enemies. 

Many years past until another came-another like him, who wanted to see

Their kind rule over all others. 

He asked the prisoner where it had gone-

The object the inmate's former friend stole from him-

One of the things that would help them master Death. 

But he knew know the error of his ways. 

He told the other that he welcomed Death,

And it would be folly to seek this powerful object. 

Then, the other killed him, hoping to aid his power. 

When the prisoner was locked away, many commented

How ironic it was that he should be 

Put in his own prison 

For the greater good. 

Even so, it seems that the time

He spent in there-

Nurmengard, the terrible fortress-

Truly made him see the errors of his old ways

And changed him at last

For teh greater good. 


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