The cadence of suffering



Here’s what really happens, You shut down, you go blank.

One minute you’re here, the next one your mind is dragging itself around in circles like an old dog.

You go from alive and invincible, to void, numbness … That’s when you know that the cadence of suffering had begun.

No matter how much you dodge.

Jump from one safe place to another.

You end up stepping in quicksand at some point.

Panic, and you’re dead.

Swallowed whole into inevitable darkness. The thing about quicksand is that it’s one sneaky bastard.

It’s a sucker for fear. (mind the pun here) When in quicksand, all you can do is calm down

As hard as it may seem.

When you can feel your pulse gradually getting faster.

The black growing inside you like a deadly plant.

Feasting on your blood and on your every bit of life

That’s when you’re screwed.

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Our world


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