Tribute to Shane Koyczan

I have been a fan of Shane Koyczan for quite a while now. So I'm going to try and combine all his works and throw some of mine in there with it.

I hope this goes well. 


When I was a kid

I hid my heart under my bed

Because my mom said

"If you're not careful someone is going to break it"

Take it from me

Under the bed isn't the best of hiding places

I know because I've been shot down so many times

I get altitude sickness when I stand up for myself

I could fill a book shelfwith everyway they told me not to play

Whether I was picked last for basketball, or everything 

Because maybe I didn't belong in a group of a clique

Because I brought broken teeth and bruises to show and tell 

Because I can hold my ground, and tried to stand up to bullies the best I can 

But failed miserably

I didn't tell anyone because I didn't want anyone to worry

Or to know

It's not like they're care anyways

But even if they want to bury me beneath the ground I stand on

I stay firm because I have to believe they were wrong

I have to 

Why else would I be here? 

We grew up cheering on the underdogs because we saw ourselves in them

Because we knew that it's alright

Ask me about anything


For next week

Or next year 

But you know I'll be here

To pick you up, dust you off and keep moving because trust me I'm going to need you

And I'll be standing there under your exit that is the first door past the finished line marked exit

Giving you flowers and saying you made it

This is the class of you made it

We are graduating from this class

Telling those people who used to say that rhyme about sticks and stones when we grew up

Saying that names will never hurt us

Of course they hurt us

But out lives will forever be a balancing act

One part cruelty

99 parts beauty

And you,

You are beautiful

You can withstand any power that comes your way

Even if you fingers get broken and molded into the cement

Let no one

No matter how close to you

No matter if it's yourself

Let them push you down

And if they do

You will get up, dust off, and you will shine 


For the unseen vicitims of bullies and the broken

who live like magic lamps within a demons

Like genies waiting to grant wished of violence when rubbed the wrong way

Because hate grows up too soon

So shine with all your might when the bad news comes

Shine when you see the mistakes you've made

So you can slowly see them spark into possibilities

For this is where all the debts paid for sevitiude are being taxed

Where the fates of other contries are being faxed to phone lines tapped by goverments

Who try with everything they have to send soliders of relief

And the belief that you be okay

But maybe believing isn't enough

Maybe we need to believe in ourselves to make a difference

To get a better mirror

And if you don't see change

Stare a little longer

Look a little closer

Because there is something inside you that made you keep trying

Because despite everyone who told you to quit

You built a cast around your heart

And YOU signed it

You signed it

"They were jealous"

Because anyone who picked on you was jealous

Jealous because they forgot it was okay

To need okay

It was okay 

To be scared

So when you see someone like that

Hug them

Because all this is just debris

And smile

Because you're the one that will have a good day


Because you're happy

Smile because

You're you

And you

My friend

Are absolutely perfect the way you are

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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