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I burn for you

old dreams a thin smoke weaving itself away into the atmosphere

I burn like a single flame atop a candle

wishing to bring light to your every dark corner

I wish to lessen your fear if not erase it completely

I wish to always burn this bright for you


I burn for you

soft and quiet whispers filling the cold air of every tired night

I burn like a lightning bolt that flashes ominously

wishing to never be the cause of your pain

I wish only to heal you from the scars you’ve sustained

I wish only to bring you light through these dark times


I burn for you

new dreams a thin black line that streams across us both 

I burn for you

my calling an echo that rings in both our ears, and I wish for a beaten path 

I wish to fulfill your dreams and keep you with the living

I wish to be with you, even when our world falls


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