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When I was coming upmomma and daddy both said"Finish your plate, son.  Eat the rest!"More often than not there'd be somethingI didn't like, or didn't like enoughand momma or daddy one would say
Ferme tes yeux. imagine le pire. si ce n'est pas elle avec quelqu'un d'autre, Laisse-la partir.
It was the writer Bertold Brecht who spoke of the " darktimes" so eloquently yet that darkness referred to society, politics... and today, one can certainly identitify- but on this day,
How beautiful you are So deep in your despair Lying, sleeping on the couch The curls in your dark hair   How soft your face appears When you're lost within your dreams
The tired Sun rests On waves and pale sand, as the Moon waits for his turn  
Mom You gave me life, nourished my body to grow strong Over the years, by your side is where I belong Watching what you do and your moves When i was bad you told me you disapproved
If I were to die today,  Would you, darling, be okay?  The love I feel For you is real And does not need a breath to stay.    If the heavens were to shake,  The earth beneath my feet to quake,
Rest in peace: To the person no one recognizes,  Dying a death, a lonely death. Rest in peace:  To the skinny girl in Africa; The starving didn't get to her as fast as the AIDS. Rest in peace:
Alone and resting No disturbances around All is quiet here
Dear School, I don’t remember what it’s like to be refreshed. To wake up in the morning with a smile on my face And a can-do attitude.  
Because I love you  I became a better me  How can I love you properly  If I don't take care of myself Because I love you  I prayed for you  So your spirit may be strong 
nothing can bring me peace here in the dark I am dying but the light lives that much is evident seen through shuttered windows
Truthful it wasThe dedication I sawWith endless days and endless nightsConsciousness overriding any question of restPassion peered through a coffin of dead eyesUnrested one
Up out of my bed, For I know I will return,  To my love my bed.  
Being in my fuzzy nest makes me feel my very best.  With my cat by my head  and three blankets on top, I feel at so at ease, like I've been heaven blessed. Safe from the world,
Lay in bed Sleeping time is finally here Just ready to pass out Forget the world Ready to dream
​Fill my cup To you I prayFill me upWith you I’ll stay   I seek your lightYour uncontainable beautyBlinding star in the nightI seek your love for me  
I try so hard but I just can't sleep My soul won't rest so instead I just weep I feel like I'm being crushed, like gravity is too strong The only thing I dont feel is that I belong
Today as I went about my Saturday ritual of housekeeping, I found my lost love for the laundry and the orange peel therein And again at midday for the sanitized scent of the dishwasher
Risen up gracefully A halo on her head Aunt Sharen earns her golden wings Slowly fading into an eternal slumber in her bed Proud, Brave, Determined, I go on That's what she would've wanted
I’m tired. Worn down. Reality is heavy. Day in, day out, responsibility takes its toll. Before I’m even awake, I dread the day to come. If only I could escape! Find solace and respite.  
I am weary. I am tired and I need to rest. Lay me down by the river stream and do not weep. I am only going home. I am going to rest. I am going to have peace. Now child don't you weep for me.
I am a dreamer I look into the sky I gaze at the stars and I think of you You make me healthy You have helped me grown in so many way You relax me You are there for me when Im sick
"My destiny calls  I fight the urge to fall  As if death could be worse I wish to break this curse But as I look around I hear a strange new sound Laughter in the depths Allowing me to rest."
beauty in death peace in rest appreciation for simplicity 
Awakened Spirits Hoping to leave this Earth to Sleep at last
Sleep consume me  into a comatose state of mind
Between life and between Deaththere is a place before we rest
I am happy as a cloudas loud as a rainbowas soft as a breeze
life is hard,  we try all we can time to put it to rest
To be tired and to be blessed
In the Sea of school work, amidst waves of worry, With due dates compiled in a violent fury, Stands and island where two weeks rest shall be gained,  A peculiar little island with a snowy terrain.  
I didn’t want the morning to come, The sun to invade my windows and brighten my room,
The Sea is a Bliss,                As the Sun Offers a Kiss.                              The Blowing of a Strong Gale,                                                                Fills My Sail.
Tell me about yourself Why? Aren’t I more than pieces of paper that read certificate, honor, or recognition? I’m supposed to be proud of myself Well, I am.
Lambs thrown to lions not yet taught how to run-- stumble and yelp with hopes set to the sun.
at the end of every today that passes i lay able to rest because i know that it means i am yet another day closer another day closer to my tomorrow
A simple good morning after eight hours of sleep
I am so tired… This world seems to move to fast. All I want to do is sleep. This world wants me to go and do.   You’re tired? Go grab a cup o’ Joe. Go take an energy shot. Go and do.
I sit by old candlelightin the dead of nightfinishing my workwhich has become an irk.Now I cravewhat is unattainable by day(unless you live in a cave).The succulent silence of slumber
Everyday more disappointment
Do you hear them? The warriors of this age who don't beat their chests and tattoo their faces who don't fight off the bad guys and save all the good guys. These are the true warriors
I am trying my best. Life’s demands are kicking me around as I reach toward His plan. I tell myself to breathe. Anxiety plagues my being as I am looking for a break. Will relief ever come? I think so.
A well-built framework made just for me can be used by everyone to make good company.   Don’t call on my name
Do this and do that, Why should I do all that? Explain to me the reason why, I must understand all this "why."   You work hard and try your best, But sometime you have to rest.
I write because the words give me no rest. They are voices in my mind and they pester and whine to be set free They are soldiers waging war their battle cries both music and
I have caught myself, talking to my mind again. It’s alright, nothing to worry about. I like it that way. Being in a place where you are me and I is you. We are all the same. We are all myself. Now the thoughts are creeping in.. Because lately you
My bed is awesome laying down and lounging Just complete relaxation
As night falls over me The stars shine bright The birds stop chirping And it’s past midnight The stars vanish And now it’s too dark What was that noise? In the distance – a bark
He doesn't know what the sunrise looks like, He hasn't seen it in a while, He rises in the afternoon, because his nights are filled with fear and gloom.
He doesn't know what the sunrise looks like, He hasn't seen it in a while, He rises in the afternoon, because his nights are filled with fear and gloom.
The moon, so bright and glorious be, The light, for such a time as night, impossible! Is such a light possible Shining brightly above as I sleep? My sweet dreams, tender and deep
Fast the day shall haste to greet thee Haste to greet thy slumb’ring form From twilight’s soothing arms arrest thee Tossing dreams out to the cold
My spirit at rest My mind at ease Now Finally I see You for me and me for you This is how it was meant to be finally
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