Cold Hands

How beautiful you are

So deep in your despair

Lying, sleeping on the couch

The curls in your dark hair


How soft your face appears

When you're lost within your dreams

How calm your breathing echoes

Within the couch's seams


Your skin is warm and colorful

Despite the chill outside

You would have anybody fooled

But I know what you hide


Somewhere in that mind of yours

You're clawing at the walls

Screaming out into the Abyss

That refuses to answer your calls


Deep inside your consciousness

Is something no one knows

And if something happens to go wrong

You'll whisper "So it goes"


But in your arms I find my warmth

In your eyes, a future dear

Your hands are cold outside the blanket

But I will hold them near


To you, inside your sleepy state

You know my presence not

But I will care and call to you

Until the Abyss be forgot


This poem is about: 
My family


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