My Very Best

Being in my fuzzy nest

makes me feel my very best. 

With my cat by my head 

and three blankets on top,

I feel at so at ease,

like I've been heaven blessed.

Safe from the world,

and clean in my bed,

there is no sign I have ever been stressed.

Soft Ghibli music warms the air,

as I munch on fresh baked cookies,

with plenty to spare. 

My mom brings me soup

fresh made from the heart,

not tasting even a little tart.

Easy to please,

I don't ask for much,

but a long, warm rest

would feel like the best. 

With cookie and soup on hand

and mother and cat nearby,

safe inside by fuzzy nest, 

I truely feel my very best.




This poem is about: 
My family


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