It was the writer
Bertold Brecht
who spoke of the " darktimes"
so eloquently
yet that darkness referred
to society,
and today, one can certainly identitify-
but on this day,
December 16th
I refer to darkness and light
in the realm of nature-
the winter solstice
something that was misunderstood
by the ancients
and observed warily-
that shortening
of days
and lengthening of night-
like an eclipse,
it became all the more
reason for the celebration
of Light.
And now, the Holidays are
upon us
and another year
has reached its culmination
and I wonder about darkness and light,
those cosmic yin/ yangs
they are more than just dualities,
mere symbols-
each holds a myriad dimensions,
shades of grey
for darkness can be a respite,
a needed rest
from the fiery exuberance
of day
like the welcome coolness
of a gentle rain
after the blaze
of a burning sun.
Darkness can bring
give haven
to poets, contemplatives
it is the abode of slumber,
thus dreams.
It is a place to regroup,
and look inward
so embrace the night
and ponder,

This poem is about: 
Our world


Annette M Velasquez

Another older, workshop poem... It was written during the winter solstice, yet I thought it worthy to mention the writer, Bertold Brecht and his musings on the " dark times." While he spoke of the Holocaust, my poem refers to reflection and contemplation...

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