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Cracked but not broken Poison, wrote and spoken Ripped but not torn A child of god i was born Not dead but numb I pray on my knees thumb to thumb Hoping for the streght
There is hope for another day,  A chance to learn from past mistakes, A chance to let a smile fill your face, A chance to let sunlight shine your way.   There is hope for clear, blue skies,
No one said that this was going to be easy, but it is something that you know you have to do, And when you first embark on this journey it can be difficult because you do not have a clue.
Ya Know These Days I'm Getting ... BETTER ... When It Comes To Using Letters ... !!! Letters From The Alphabet That I NOW Select ... To Wage VENDETTAS On IGNORANT Fellas Through My Poems ...
I find my motivation in meKnowing that I could be better pushes meAnd knowing that everyone else is tryna beSomething they can't, like a Salvador Dali memoryMy persistence is on another level
There's something on my mind I want to tell you. Why have me if you knew you would fail me? Then have the audacity to want the praise a parent gets. You don't understand the hurt you caused us. You can't make it up.
Do you know that feeling?  Like when an app on your phone updates automatically. When you scroll through your phone you get this subtle feeling. That something is different. Not better or worse.
It’s the sigh of relief after you hold your breath. Growth. Suffocating because I chose to be rooted to my problems. Growth.
we were kids, kids in love no cares in the world, it was just us.  Us against the world you would say but I had to grow up. Still my thoughts of you come late at night.
we were kids, kids in love no cares in the world, it was just us.  Us against the world you would say but I had to grow up. Still my thoughts of you come late at night.
There came a point last year when I realized I've grown; I wasn't the same person that walked through the front doors freshman year; It was as if the narative of my life had taken a different tone;
The clouds are blissful. They show a silver lining. Life travels forward.
I always knew my aunt was a fighter  Since she was a little girl she had been fighting for her life, suffering in health, but exceeding in everything else
                                                        On my wrist are scars                                                      That you can't see from afar
To the monster inside of me, You’ve had your fun, You thought you prevailed, You thought you had won.   I never thought it would end, 
The first time I saw you, you meant nothing to meThe second time I saw you I forgot your nameIt's been eight months since I first met youYou have been very good for me
The first time I saw you, you meant nothing to meThe second time I saw you I forgot your nameIt's been eight months since I first met youYou have been very good for me
Everything you went through, It is okay, All the pain, the feeling of being worthless, It was okay, Sitting in the dark drowning in your tears, It is alright, Hurting yourself to ease out the hurting,
As I sit on the dusty dugout bench, I already know what it means.  The varsity coach approaches me trying his hardest to avoid eye contact but I already know what hes going to say.
B L I N D I see the way he looks at her He wants her He would brighten her The perfect two Oh, joy! Like they were matched Meant to be But, She's too blind!
Being recruited is a wild ride, the coach told me that I would get a full ride, Now comes the papers showing he lied, paying 11k would kill my pride,
The world is not mine It never was, and never will be I am an infinite speck on the horizon Who is finally dedicating their life
Today is the day The rest of my life begins. God has blessed me With the ability to see today. It is my day to Right my wrongs.
Close your eyes. Imagine for a moment you wake up because someone is screaming; Imagine that he or she is begging for help; Imagine how the tears fill up your eyes, When you realize that there's nothing you can do.
"Don't you dare forget the sun, love" That's what the song said. Then the question remains of why? Why do those words mean so much to me? Why do they haunt my mind? The answer is the sunshine.
everything i write lately has been nothing but pain but i fail to notice all the flowers growing from the rain i see the storm  not the cleanse i see a new beginning  as the end
There is something to be said about dragging dead weight through a claustrophobic hall way -every day- with nothing but the bags on your back
I used to be frail In athletics I always had to bail because my strength would fail Now i am stronger I can run much longer  and there isnt an obstacle that i cant conquer. I used to be alone
we are born alone we live alone   we are nothing we are just a gang   a gang of lonely hearts are we we may be happy now   we show no care for those who care  
getting tucked into bed  kisses goodnight  telling stories  turning on nightlights   being told "i love you"  before they close the door care with the flu a broken house runaway dad
Searching I found it The thing I seek Good times, or bad times I will never share it While the drum is beating, I’ve still got air.   There a bullet in my heart
The Great Fall  
Thoughts of Blue  
It gets better they say. Time and time again when they are not in the positon to care what really happens.
Her hair is a mess, her eyes are swollen
I just want to be an inspration To those with a dedication To become better then what they were yesterday only to realize that your most important days are the day you are born and the day you find out why
To K.    She started off a as normal girl didn't know about the cruel sad world Spent her time picking flowers
Who the heck are you to tell me I’m wrong? How can you be so sure that the song I sing is out of tune?
Sometimes it occurs to me That everything I struggle with Is because of you You will never wear a welcome mat As well as the porch steps And now I struggle To answer my front door
Crying doesn’t solve problems But it will make you feel better That’s why we cry on others’ shoulders That’s why our pillow is soaked at night That’s why the next day we can smile  
I miss the days where we could be carefree. No bills. No anger of any real sort. No stress. No money to worry about managing. But that was a world we lived in as children. Young and unaware of the World's true colors.
When my grandmother first said “those” three words to my grandfather, she said them by tossing a pinch of salt over her shoulder at their wedding. When I first really said them, they were to myself as an apology
Whats the point of faking a smile? when in all reality your miserable inside people call you selfish for wanting to die but your whole life you've faked the smile so they don't feel guilt
Fettered to a spinning sphere
There is no better race, Everyone is of equal taste In the eyes of God.   It doesn't matter what you are. Asian or hispanic, White or black, People are all the same.  
To the poet who uses words to explore, to you who thinks you know more, you manipulate a bondage of words to stage, I the historial who studies the past,
He lifts me up even when I  deserve to have fallen I constantly seek this faith and he guides me to my calling He is an awesome God with plans for my better He is my shelter in stormy weather
She goes by no name. Nor has any friends. She sits alone watching everyone else smile and laugh.
Sometimes he breaks me apart But he’s always there to put me back together Sometimes he makes my heart hurt But he always puts a bandaid on it after Sometimes he makes me cry
Why would you just stand and watch? What if it was your friend or family? Feeling emotionally lost. Feeling as if no one is there. Feeling embarassed.
I sit at night, watching the stars Dreaming of a world without scars   No hate or frears  No war or tears   A world where no one lies A world where no one dies  
Someone asked me the other day, What would I change if I had the say? It took me a while but I figured it out -- if I could change anything I'd steal all our mouths.
Shadows I see, self loathing, self harming, suicidal thoughts is all I'll ever be. No one will ever want me, he was right The monster that came into my room to get me every night
I’m on the verge of setting free of all the pretty things left inside me does that scare you?
If I could change the World It would be for the Better No more hurt ,no more pain, No more war, or breakups No more crying, No more Death People would see who they are Girls would like themselves
I look at my reflection I see a teen  I am happy I look to the people around me I see the teens They are not happy I vow to help To better the teens I study in class
A little girl of such young age No choice while being restrained Molested and abused Raped and used Sexuality that defines her Body weight that reminds her A fathers disappearance blinds her
     Jr.High. Through the halls, head held high, making fun of kids of many types. Just for fun? Just for kicks? I couldn't really tell you why.   The laughs I got, for rude comments I made,
Ba-bum…Ba-bum The core Of my inspirations Beats As it demands To escape its Cave Yet it loves Me It loves the Hollow Box Wrapped in Silky, smooth
Stuck in the dark, so bland and dry.Tired of remarks, so full of lies.Shutting it out, yet in it seeps.Without a doubt, too many emotions to keep.
I need to get better I HAVE to get better             but why? I need to get better for my sister                                         for my mom                                             for my dad
Everything feel like a blur.
I am sitting here with a needle in my hand, the contents in it...
People may walk by  But it doesn't mean you have to. When someone is in need It is the time to distiguish yourself. The little difference to helping to not Will make you the better person in this world.
I run for me, and not for you. It's time to improve myself, and be the person I want to be. I lift because it makes me stronger, and gives me power. Every muscle cramp fuels me to go harder.
My body aches. I sweat. My muscles hurt. I sweat. Exersice causes me to sweat I sweat out my pains, and my fears I sweat, to feel.
  They say suicide Is a selfish act. Although I never could fathom why When it is so difficult to acquire the help one needs For when problems are spoken And cold words form in the warm air
Support, another name for a friend. Something that you really haven't been. Instead of trying to see through my eyes All you do is sit there and criticize.
  Watch the rain drizzle downIt threatens to ne'er endBut all wounds someday healAnd wings will always mend
Fitness is more than a way to shed fat and pounds It is more than being healthy and active It is more than trying to extend your life and live it healthily What is fitness to me? Fitness is a life style
Whats a person to do when their down in the dumps? When is it time to stop all the cryin' and suck it all up? When do you tell someone they need to just laugh? What should you do if theirs no response to "Whadup?"? 
I pray that love sets me free and though im blinded by hate, love overcomes me. I pray that one day I learn to live so that I wont be afraid to die and that there remains many reasons in this world for which I will never have to cry.
Little stream through the woods How sad and lonely you must be Tired too though many can’t see You fight and fight to make it through And one day when you finally do In the big ocean you will be
You look up at me wishing your lives would change, sometimes with tears in your eyes, other times angry with hearts full of hate. I listen to your dreams and hopes every night and can't help but wander what it is to dream, to love, to live.
I believe that you're special. I believe that when you hear my voice you smile. I believe that your heart skips when you see me. I believe you love me. I believe that you know you were wrong.
Pouting like a baby, who was just told no. Trying to maintaining your composure, so you don't explode. Turn your head from me, so i wouldn't know. But i can see, tell me what's happening.
This world around me is shattering. Ever so slowly Piece by piece They crack and fall. To reveal something ugly Something broken.
I know it started with a cry. Bright light in my eyes—a breath, my parent’s sighs. They said “welcome to the world,” Our world. I’d come to know it, soon enough. To me the world began small.
If you don't watch, I promise to slip out the back when no one's looking never return. I'll find a mushroom and a magic rabbit and spiral down a hole to Hell-- or was it Wonderland...?
Thoughts- they can either be a bad thing or a good thing. What happens when those thoughts involve a potential burial 6 feet under. I'll tell you what happens, those thoughts turn into visual scenarios.
I wonder what its like to be happy to be someone who isn't me to be normal to not have these thoughts to be able to just "fit in" just one of those people who's there who every one likes
My world is damaged, my world it bleeds, It’s been infected, corrupted, and battered to a “tee”. It cries, it begs, it screams out of pain, And unless something changes, it will die in vain.
Don’t Give Up On Me Don’t give up on me I’ll lend a hand and meet you halfway We will stand by each other’s side day by day Hold you close and hold you near; please never be afraid to whisper to me your biggest fear
I’m a master, a pastor, a preacher of time. Don’t get it twisted, I’ve got humility and empathy, I’m not saying I’m the best, But I’ve learned, done, and forgotten more than the next.
One mind Incapable of Change Like a paper airplane making the same folds since you've been this old Unable to watch it sore From the fears it'll crash into the floor. You make it seem so sure
I was cute when I was four till I was abandon and forgotten now theirs hate, mistreating and rejection started to become common I hate when people ask about my parent's its to awkward
Going to class shoelaces untied and I don’t mind, Got my head down, headphones in, walking a straight line, Keep moving forward without a doubt leave the past behind,
I know it hurts, The pain deep inside, I know how you feel But time will heal, Please don’t let go, Keep fighting, Please don’t give up, Keep fighting, You’ve come too far to just let it go,
Bent over sweating, breathing with intention, fluid running down your face, desire pumping through your veins. only looking forward, but not further than tomorrow, exhaustion is on its way,
I just want to change someones state of mind. Everyday brings me one step closer to being outta time. I'm sick and tired of everyone acting like this is such a crime. Maybe if you weren't your own enemy and had a open mind,
Fast cars, fast planes, designer jeans You're dreamin' of fortune and fame Complain, complain, complain That's all we really do That man on the corner is starving Who knew?
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