The Takers


United States
35° 58' 43.5792" N, 84° 7' 58.656" W

You look up at me wishing your lives would change, sometimes with tears in your eyes, other times angry with hearts full of hate. I listen to your dreams and hopes every night and can't help but wander what it is to dream, to love, to live. I am just too far away to ever feel that reality. I am surrounded by a billion other stars in this galaxy, but I have never felt so alone. I can feel my glow dimming as the nights blaze on. I am saddened by the hate and the greed that has suffocated all of your lives. I call you the "takers" because you always take what you want and never consider what it is you are doing. You never stopped to think about the little girl, her favorite toy is a car part she found in the dump she lives in. Who thought of the little boy that was shot yesterday by his older brother? It's 3 am and already 3,890 beings have died from hunger today. Takers, all you do is wish away your lives and end up loosing hope. When you wish upon a shooting star, it's supposed to be a dream you have. Shouldn't your dreams be to end hate? Shouldn't your dreams be to end hunger? What about poverty? When you see that the dreams of others is your dream as well, then a world of unity forms and galaxies shine. How are you to live a good life when the place you are living in is a disaster you ignore? You say it is all just a beautiful disaster, but what is beautiful about a disaster, you tell me. So tonight when you look up at me, do not wish for money or a new car or better life, for you will dim my light, but instead wish for the lives of others and see me shoot across the night sky.


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