Better in Our Own Way


United States
38° 55' 9.5196" N, 94° 42' 6.804" W

Fast cars, fast planes, designer jeans
You're dreamin' of fortune and fame
Complain, complain, complain
That's all we really do
That man on the corner is starving
Who knew?

Boyfriends, girlfriends
They fight all the time
Her husband shot her
Now she's buried in lime
Troops overseas fight a war
They didn't pick
But during the work day
No one remembers it

Everyday someone is getting beat
So much crime in the street
Rape and pillaging
We just close our eyes
It doesn't happen here
Put on a disguise

We lie to ourselves,
To our friends, and to our kids
Take a book off the shelf
This is happening again
That's right this is history
Nobody seems to learn anything

Love one another
That's what the religious say
Do they really know the way?
They really like to preach
And then they shun you
When you don't share their beliefs

Divided is what we are
Judge him by his rusty car
She's white, she must be stuck up
He's black, he must be a mess up
She's fat she eats way too much
No one knows,
she throws up after lunch

Hate, hate, hate.
That is what we breed
Can't you see?
Change is what we need!
Love one another regardless of creed
Regardless of religion, sex, race, or age
Everyone's so high strung these days

Take a chill pill!
Relax man
Come on, let's join hands
Drop the daily grind
Drop the prejudice that makes us blind
Let's love each other
Because we are all mankind

We all eat, breathe, love, and feel
No one should wonder about their next meal
Come on my friends
Let's be real
Humanity and this earth need to heal

People try all the time
But we aren't progressing much
I hope my rhyme stays on your mind
Whose heart can you touch?
Who can you help today?
Let's make the world better in our own way!



I really like this poem, it was very interesting, funky in a sense, and had a lot of educational facts. This a keeper right here.

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