I find my motivation in me
Knowing that I could be better pushes me
And knowing that everyone else is tryna be
Something they can't, like a Salvador Dali memory
My persistence is on another level
I feel like a rebel, always staying in trouble
They're like Goliath and I'm David, I never tremble
I throw a stones at their heads and I watch them tumble
I watch them fall while I put my faith God
In the lions den, I don't hear them
He keeps their mouths closed, I just gotta go
Gotta keep getting better, that's all I know
In the concrete I feel like a rose
Gotta water my roots so I can grow
I've been living this way since forever
I know I gotta do better
I was never was destined for lesser
And that's the reason why I know I've gotta do better

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