young and dumb

we were kids, kids in love

no cares in the world, it was just us. 

Us against the world you would say

but I had to grow up.

Still my thoughts of you come late at night.

Late at night when I begin to miss you. 

When I miss us

I push the thoughts of you away, but they always come back, 

but see I've out grown you, I'm not a kid anymore.

Still my late night thoughts are filled of memories of us,


Why is that you come back?

You made me happy when we were kids but growing up I've realized

I've realized you are no good for me.

 You made me who I am today,

you made me stronger.

You made me realize that what we had was not what I wanted,

now I have what I want.

I know whats good for me

and us?

We were just two naive kids who thought they were in love

young and dumb, with no cares in the world.




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