Our World


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I know it started with a cry.
Bright light in my eyes—a breath, my parent’s sighs.
They said “welcome to the world,”
Our world.
I’d come to know it, soon enough.
To me the world began small.
A backyard, with the green grass where the ants would crawl.
Life was simple.
But I grew, and my backyard did too.
And I came to find not everyone was kind.
And sometimes when you fall,
And find yourself forced against a wall,
You discover this world is hard.
This world is hard because no one likes change
No one wants to rearrange—what they think & do & say.
One becomes such a lonely number when you’re up against our world.
It can be so rough being that “different” girl.
But I hope in my life I can bring about change.
Bring a smile to a face, help others respect what I say
Because this world—our world—is stuck in its old ways.
And I don’t want to leave the world as it was on the day that I came.
I know I want to create better days.
So I act in the things I say,
Because our world needs a little change.


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