Be a Best friend


Whats a person to do when their down in the dumps?

When is it time to stop all the cryin' and suck it all up?

When do you tell someone they need to just laugh?

What should you do if theirs no response to "Whadup?"? 


Do you tell them the truth or do you lie to thier face?

Would you trust with your heart or turn them away?

should you take them away to a secret, quiet place?

Or do you ignore their pain and let them go astray?


Should you trust them and know they wont fade to grey?

How do you know if they'll understand n' stay by your side?

What should you do if they just sigh and push you away?

Do you follow their path and to their soul do you abide? 


All these questions are easily answered if you're Best friends

And you will  only really know by the way they will react


When someones your best friend you cheer them up 

And its time to stop crying before the tears fall down

You help them to laugh when there's no trace of a smile

And when you get no reply you give them a big frown


And when they ask for opinion don't lie to their face!

And if your best friends on them you should trust

Tell them everything no matter the time or the place

And keep them close and hug them tight if you must


Trust your friends with hurt and pain while they're there

Stay by their side, help them make it through anything

And if they push you away just keep coming  right back

and your the one happiness for them is going to bring.


Be a best friend, because you never know

when you could lose someone close to your heart. 

And you wont realize what you are missing

in a friend until they have left and you're far apart.


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