Hell Hole

If you don't watch,
I promise to slip out the back when
no one's looking

never return.

I'll find a mushroom and a magic rabbit
and spiral down a hole to Hell--
or was it

"Is there a difference?"

Mangy cat grins and greets me
leads me to. The Duchess: wants to
eat me. Drink me
says the bottle on the table
labeled "Poison."
And I do so with
a deathwish
but all I get are Roses
calling me a weed
as if I need their condemnation!

I face damnation here already.
For falling down the hole
Holy Hell! A Red devil!
If she wants my Heart
I'll serve it on a silver plate
and replace it with a Spade.

There's no finding My way back.
All ways are Hers. And once you
swallow Diamonds to get here,
you can wander

This Way ->


Doesn't matter.
Card guards club you if you
attempt escape.
Escape's what brought you
in the first place.


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