A little girl of such young age

No choice while being restrained

Molested and abused

Raped and used

Sexuality that defines her

Body weight that reminds her

A fathers disappearance blinds her

A teenage girl of such young age

Drugs that take over

Just to get by a day 

Sitting in the courtyard

She knows shes all alone

A slip of a knife

Its the only home she's ever known

Her favorite color came from within

Her favorite sound was all but sin

She trys to forget the pain

She sleeps her life away

No true friends

No family

No love

She sticks to her remedies

A little girl, of such potential 

So bright and influential

Hand raised and answer said

She made it through

When all she craved was death

A father unspoken

A mother of love she longed

A brother lost in time

A girl thats just moved on

Drugs are in the past

Blade in her pocket

She's growing up

A little girl, who almost lost it.


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