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HANGING on humor!by Debi Lyn  When Life is weighing you down and testing your last nerve; when overwhelm taunts your mind and body but you can't swerve.
HANGING on humor!- by Debi Lyn When Life is weighing you down and testing your last nerve...and overwhelm taunts your mind and body but you can't swerve. When tears threaten to fill and spill and stream down your cheeks to your ch
People think of beauty as looks,  which will always be temporary.   You see her from the outer view and say she is beautiful looks-wise, which she is, but you do not see the beautiful side of her that I do.
  Je vois Ta beauté dans ton sourire Ta beauté dans tes yeux
Wherever my neighbor goes, people stare.They can't look away because of his neck and pink hair.When he goes out in public, people constantly point and laugh.It's because of his hair and because he has the neck of a giraffe.
i see you. alone, afraid, desperate, searching for something to make you feel whole. i am you. we are one in the same. your pain is mine. that feeling of falling, completely alone, downward towards - who knows where? - is ours and ours alone.
Her laughter sang out Woke me from a trance Broke the clouds, I danced
i believe in Jesus Christ:my savior, best friend, and greastest love i believe i am createdtherefore one of a kind and beautiful i believe i am a child of the one true King
So full of questions He said with a smirk and laughter in his eyes. Yes But you are so full of answers I answered back with a simple tone. He laughed and I watched the way
we are given glasses at the beginning of childhood. we are given infinite supply of: laughter. gifts. smiles. once the glasses break we are exposed to reality. infinite supply of: hatred.
before you judge  before you point and laugh  before you mock someone think about this what do you really know about them  that boy with the bruises on his legs he gets abused at home
Life is lonely estranged and grey but he had a brilliant mind bright enough to shower the world with stars his jokes caused laughter to bubble up up but he only felt down
The only creature  who truly knows freedom: high-flying bird   Give me freedom or  Give me DEATH! I'll settle for rights.    A 16 year old  with car keys in hand
My little brother is obsessed with bananas.  He's twelve.  That makes it slightly less weird.    He calls ordinary people "Bob" when laughing and his current favorites "banana." 
There’s a lot of silly silly thingsTo be talking about There’s a lot of willy nilly thingsThat seem shocking right nowSilly things
Began so long ago, Boxing was the passion, Fuelled the desire, at 15 years of age, Non stop training, to be the best.   Running, sparring, padwork, Part of the regime, Training often, 
It is a sound. A warm sensation. Different for everyone, Can be heard differently, Caused differently.  It is a cure. A bringer of happiness.
My name is insanity.  See the way my teeth bleed, My eyes shine,  My cackles echo through the corridors of night. Do you see my stretching smile?  I know you do. 
All I want for you is to laugh with me.  I want to make you laugh. I want to hear you laugh next to me. The sound that sounds oh so good to me. The sound that my ears never get tired of.
My nerves shatter does it really matter Everything's a blur It's too bright my stomach turns Closing my eyes i put my head in my heads and sounds you can't hear are driving me batty
    autism is a spectrum disorder not a curable disease I overthink the simplest things often blowing them out of proportion
Sitting can do no justice to your beautiful voice (even though it is not really so) I think people skew things to how they want to hear them so when we talk I love the exchange of words to each other
Here we are, you and I you think our time means nothing but I know how much it really is the laughs we share are priceless and there's no more musical sound in the world than your voice when happy
It was ages ago But my mind recollects these memories once more I can still hear the laughter from it's wooden door The dancing footsteps on the floor And my father's voice cloaked in a snore
Stages The gift of life has many stages you see, First the conception where we came to be Then comes the birth where in the world we enter Growing up falls then into the center
"Gather around and let me tell you a story," The Fiddler sang, watching children gather around him. Puffs of smoke lifted up into the night still air,
The city is a morgue, as I look into the night Each one is his own lord, governed by a flashing light No graceful compensation, where he broken hearts adorn Utopia the nation, where all new souls must be born
Attention publisher's, editors & poets thank you for the opportunity to convey my work to you. It has taken me since the Fall of 1989 to build up my platform in writing. Poetry can take you to places that dreams are made of.
One looks at a painting then shrugs and walks away some will peer into it's vast extreme Still another person may stare for a long time captivated by it's imagery & design
Our flesh hates the things of God. It would rather serve sin & Satan. Yet folks we must crucify this old human flesh to be in subjection to the spirit. The flesh and the spirit are in conflict together.
A shadow brightens the unusual vortex it's in the wanting that's the hardest part I treasured a red rose that was plucked a time ago living on the edge and it's going to my head
I couldn't think of anything I hated more than Nihilism. And Nihilists. And anything that has anything to do with Nihilism. I hated it.   It's starting to make sense, though.
There is something special about laughter. It allows people to enjoy the little moments they've saught after. The act of laughing can make anybody's day. It will lighten the mood and pave the way to a day that is at least
Life is all about feelin' good, I'm always on the hunt for The Feel Good Medicine. I think I finally found it, A little bit of laughter and a lot of sun tossed in with the scent of the salty ocean at sunset,
It might just be the perfect day, It could also be the worst. But does it really, really matter? Of happiness I constantly burst!   It comes from the warm cup of coffee
I am often sick Not sick from things, but more so of things I am sick of violence of stress of dissappointments but I think I have found the best medicine: Laughter.
I’ve found my tribe Finally, finally, finally After years of girls with Perfect hair, endless happiness   Look at them go, look at them
cherry flavored something dripping until sticky on my chin and my hands but i don’t mind rub them on my overalls making mad stupid jokes
I remember the days of my childhood... Those days were filled with joy and laughter. But as I grew older, the world started to grow with me.
I was riddled with anxiety on the fist day, Unsure of who to speak to, or what to say. I was afraid of the world, and the people around, Unsure of my place, I was lost, afraid to be found.
Before I could detect it, the roe-underdeveloped-grew. Like a virus implanted within a safe home, Between swain and Lady lover late at night, it spreads so easily with the joint of intimacy. It is an it
Warm feelings Memories of smiles And outrageous laughter With silly wiles And for some A happily ever after Drowning in ecstasy Waves of joy  Washing over me Crushing me in bliss
my fault is another's soul begins to sink as my red faceinks in myembarrassment.the smile i've putthere is convincing,but it's a show.under the apathyi'm blinking
Humor is the only thing  That is brave enough to reach its trembling hand into the shadows. Its long finger beckons to me "Come hither," it whispers
Life is paved with rocky roads and jagged stones, With bristles and nettles and scorching hot soles, With doubt and fear and failure too, In fact, sometimes it seems there's no one more miserable than you.  
they say laughter is the best medicine; for when you are feeling down or even when you are at your best. laughing so hard you feel abs forming, tears coming down like rain drops
It chokes me (though, not with its hands) I struggle to catch my breath When its grip tightens I don’t protest But instead smile more
It starts on the mouth, And rockets down. Down to the stomach, Where it goes back up. It hurts, But it feels good. My mind eases, Disregarding the bad. My cheeks ache,
You could say that he was a Carpenterof sorts ---he built heartsfrom the outside in fixing rebuilding with his own parts, making a sacrifice just to hear their laughs just to see their smiles so that his own mind, his own soul could just possibly 
Nine hundred and ten days Many days filled with laughter, Few filled with sadness. Nine hundred and ten days,
Music plays in the backgroundFamiliar faces gathered aroundThe smack of the cue ballEchoes through the hallsSmiles and laughter with bad jokesSomeone spews their drink and almost chokes
Fifth grade, awkward phase Braces, glasses, middle school days Lunch room talks about nonsense Little did I know, One of those conversations, would have the greatest consequence
I could not live without it It is the banana to my banana split Why, you may ask Well, let me unmask  
I could not live without it It is the banana to my banana split Why, you may ask Well, let me unmask  
I could not live without it It is the banana to my banana split Why, you may ask Well, let me unmask  
"My destiny calls  I fight the urge to fall  As if death could be worse I wish to break this curse But as I look around I hear a strange new sound Laughter in the depths Allowing me to rest."
I used to never know what it sounds like to hear my mother cry.Now she cries so much I don’t know what it sounds like to hear her laugh
Laughter drips from our mouths, like honey, sweetening  the room   The sporadic rise and fall of my chest
Warm Fire, Dark atmosphere, Cold Wind Bright Flames. Amber Logs, Cold Wind Flickering Blaze, Inviting Company, Cold Wind Warm Smiles. Dark Faces, Cold Wind
Laughter and cheer Have  good year huckles and smiles Last Awhile!
It is amazing How one thing Can trigger multiple Memories A scent A place A song  A person An object AAnd what happens To those memories When we get older 
Settle down butterfly, one more wish and maybe you'll fly. Days on end with no hope again,
Laughter is crying From the mouth instead of the eyes A constant reaction Carried by the human nerve Sort of a chemical reaction in the mind Solved by society's viewpoint of life Humor is sadness
The rain, the thunder the dirt and grass beneath my feet The swoosh of my hand as I shoo the fly that interrupts me as I lick the barbecue sauce off my fingers on that sunny Fourth of July
It means waking up late, no pace to the day and watching the sun race on, its cold floors, warm breakfasts, snowflakes, and skates. It means following the train tracks, ending up in the same place,
Some may say that it should inspire a change While to others that former speaker is deranged. From saying one's ears being are penetrated by knifes  - to making one's day - judgements are part of everyone's lives.
When I was young I was teased and called burned
Oh no! The words flew from the mouths of bystanders seeking the cause of the accident. Not me. The bitterness of my salty tears flowed down my face like a thunderstrom swirling in my soul. Not emotional tears. Laughing tears.
Fool   Beauty is something that can come in many different forms. Beauty is something that is found in everything, In everyone. But this beauty comes in certain places for everyone,
The World’s Greatest Medicine By Freddie L. Pleas Laughter is best of all medicines A glorious drug sent from heaven
Laugh, laugh, I love to hear That sound so queer. That chuckle, cackle, and squeal, Is to my ears a joyous meal. Pleasant sounds of delight make it easier to sleep at night.
It’s funny to think things very unfunny Since funny is all things can be. Seriousness is perhaps The most funny thing to me. You might leave your lips un-curled, Your eyelids may sag unamused,
Let me laugh: Let me shake and cry Let my core ache from joy. Let me laugh: Let me forget to frown Let me sob happy tears, Let me drown. Let me make fun Of this drudgery Of this day.
Stupitity done intentionally with well execution in the joke makes me laugh.
my soul is an attic; there are dust particles floating and settling all around.   my memories lie, scattered upon decrepit, creaky shelves and doubtful, broken staircases.
This world is material Filled with automated LOLs and ROFLs.... People don't need this fake laughter, they need the real kind. The kind where your cheeks hurt and you can't breathe...
Sometimes you have to laugh At the lack of things to smile about
As I sit in this car-- I see  toilet somewhere far-- And I hope with all my might, mom will get there soon so I can go!
Living like life is short Almost always gets you in trouble Untimely action gives timely punishment Goodly action gives strange rewards Having strength to speak plainly often does little for you
Power dominates the human mind.You hold some you can’t define.Try and stop me now I’ll make you blind.Power dominates the human mind.Sometimes it makes you cross the line.Maybe you’ll wipe out mankind,
I opened the paper and what did I see, A little stick figure looking back at me.   He made me laugh, He made me smile, He made me stop and think awhile.   I thought of my friends,
laughter is music for the soul, it brings joy to all who hear it. laughter is the rhythem of the heart, which encompasses everyone within it's reach. even in the worst of times, laughter will still engulf you
My life's purpose is to entertain and be entertained, the fundamental bottom line of art, itself. I live to experience the wonderful nirvana of awesomeness that is the creativity of others
Don't listen if you don't want to hear. Don't watch if you don't want to see. You find pain amusing? I'll push you down a flight of stairs. Hear me laugh.   -------  
The gates open for a vagabond with a smile, a clown with no home who has lived all alone, who never stays for a while. His hopes and dreams as it seams is to bring joy to the masses
Whispers in the darkness Flashlights in the night White teeth become beacons As we smile away the fright
If I die You know why I choked on laughs I choked on pop You make me laugh I almost pop You're funny and genuine But your jokes are my venom Like Superman to Kryptonite
My real name is Nicaragua music, dancing on glowing shorelines. My feet are quietly yellow, hiking horizons and silver linings to new homes. My thoughts are eight chefs working all at once,
This is the place where love never dies! Where silence is sweet and clear are the skies! The air smells fresh and the earth is old This kind of bliss can never be sold. These are the lands where everyone smiles
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