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Beauty is something that can come in many different forms.

Beauty is something that is found in everything,

In everyone.

But this beauty comes in certain places for everyone,

Not everywhere all at once.

Yet somehow there exists a beauty so immense that it engulfs an entire being.


There are no limits to this beauty that lies within and on the surface.

It is endless.

Somehow this beauty has been embodied in every form and fashion.

And I have found her.

I have the pleasure of being in acquaintance with this beautiful being.

I knew what lied within her as soon as I saw her.


Of course there is hesitation,

Was this beauty for me?

Was I supposed to be a part of it?

Little did I know, this beauty would become a part of me.

This beauty of all beauties would change me.

This beauty would turn my flaws around.


I would have been a fool to let that go.

But alas, A fool.

I could not have known the repercussions of my insanity.

Of my foolish blunder.

I was quick to realize.

I could not let this beauty slip from my grasp.


This beauty is a drug for me.

I have become deeply addicted to it.

Deeply in love with it.

There is no cure for such a disease as love.

Some say love is evil and cruel,

But those who say this have not eaten from the right tree.


It is not the love that is evil,

But the tree.

I have found my beautiful tree.

My perfect tree.

Only a fool could let that slip away.

I am no fool.


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