Found My Tribe

I’ve found my tribe

Finally, finally, finally

After years of girls with

Perfect hair, endless happiness


Look at them go, look at them

And I have nothing against them

But I don’t mix well with perfection

Trust me, I’ve tried before.


I’ve found my tribe

At last, we laugh loudly

We are stereotypical teens

That doesn’t matter when I’m with them.


My tribe of people who

Like my red hunting hat

My tribe of people who

Are just as insane as me.


My tribe of people who

Understand my flaming

Queerness, my endless

Rainbow stretching out into space.


My tribe of people who

Understand when I’m smart

And understand when I’m

Really, really, really dumb.


My tribe of people who

Get my social failures

My tribe of people who

Are so similar to me, yet so different.


And they understand when I isolate myself

That it’s nothing against them, they get it

That’s more than any teen can hope for

Being understood, being understood


I have found my tribe

And they make me happy

After spending so long

Hiding from the glitter squad.

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