My Antidote

I could not live without it

It is the banana to my banana split

Why, you may ask

Well, let me unmask


It soothes my hectic life

That will stay with me till the afterlife

It brings me up when I am down

Or times that make me want to frown

It brings me closer to people

Just like a steeple

It lightens up an awkward situation

That you may encounter at a gas station


It also has many health benefits

That are not venomous

The list includes

While this poem concludes

Preventing heart disease

Which could be caused by eating too much cheese

It relaxes muscles

Just like blowing bubbles

It releases good endorphin's

In small portions

It binds people together

Like birds of a feather

It Increases immune cells

Says my teacher Mr. Bells


How do I obtain my antidote?

Well, grab a pen and take down a note

There are too many ways to list

But you could get the gist


It ranges from Trevor Noah the comedian

Who I can watch again and again

To Robin Williams the actor

Who may also be a chiropractor

To Max my dog

Who sometimes acts like a frog

To “The Croods” a movie

Which I find kind of groovy

To Tumblr an app

Which you could download in a zap


So why not have a laugh today

While you sit out by the bay

Go to a comedy club

And enjoy some grub

Go to a karaoke bar

While you enjoy a Klondike Bar

Go watch a funny movie

With a cutie


That is why

I will not lie

Laughter is my antidote.


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