Little Butterfly

Settle down butterfly,
one more wish and maybe you'll fly.
Days on end with no hope again,
realizations over,
just continue to flutter in the wind.
Whisper the song we all hold dearly,
maybe then we can breathe freely.
It's hard to trust the dark,
especially when you freeze with fright.
Wondering stars on a cloudy sky,
all the while birds mock you,
they're always flying highly.
Please always remember me,
I will wait, like written words,
without anyone to speak.
How can someone be so strong,
yet look so weak?
Secrets from within float with the breeze.
Keep close my dear, everything's caught fire,
Passion can't be to far,
hidden in the heat the heart holds the flames.
Grasp anything, you'll began to see.
No body enjoys this fight,
the endless pit of life,
forever fearful they might die.
But please promise me, little butterfly,
don't ever forget the need to fly.
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