My little brother is obsessed with bananas. 

He's twelve. 

That makes it slightly less weird. 


He calls ordinary people "Bob" when laughing

and his current favorites "banana." 

It's his go-to honorific. Touching. 


No, he's absolutely enamored by bananas. 

I don't remember ever seeing him eat one,

I feel like I should, 


but he did write a poem about bananas yesterday 

with my Jane Austen poetry magnets

I encouraged him to use. 


(There's not a banana magnet, no. 

He used a pink expo marker 

and the "s.") 


The kid's a sleepwalker, too. 

He talks, walks, laughs, and pees in sinks in his sleep,

if the bananas aren't weird enough. 


I woke him up to say goodnight this week. 

He smiled, grabbed me in a hug (still asleep), then said, "I have you," 

and, "mm, bananas," when I broke free.


For the record, 

I don't like bananas,

and I called him a monkey way before this phase. 


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