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Beep! Beep! Beep! Leave a message --- For the heart you have dialed, Is no longer in service.
It amazes me how some people are able to make their bodies move,  And how they work countless hours in an empty studio to try and improve. 
Today’s society is a modern fairy tale. We become Cinderella’s step-sisters, trying to force our feet into the mold that’s been given to us no matter how cramped it is.
TO ARTEMIS   Artemis, virgin goddess,  Shrewd and warrior-hearted, Hunter who is second to none, Stag sniper, with a glistening golden rifle,
aphrodite she struts into the clubstealing all the hearts as she does many know heras she owns a beauty empiremakeup, skincare, hair care and moreshe owns it all
When they announced a great war   That seemed to be the end Pack your bags— Start the draft— Pray a last time…   Eons, millenia, 
The Uber was early And more radiant than expected From it rope ran Into the setting sky’s Cerulean canvas Tugging what I don’t know,
The mighty man drew forth the hefty blade But of the phone of apple rather than That of the known sword of Beowulf. He is flocked by friends and mocked by foes whose
He plans meticulously.   She smiles with the warmth of a thousand ancient fires, and her eyes twinkle to rival Venus in the night sky. Whose maze was he in?
Mat Ga Trong, the Sun Goddess of Vietnam. Is now, the most popular girl at school. Her long black hair flowing freely against her back, Her eyes filled with a flaming passion,
Three Brothers, singing of powerful truths. One was Metal. One was Pop. and the Other Blues. Together they formed a Trinity. Singing of ballads and tunes. One brother of Thunder, and the other swayed by the moon.
Flowers fill your hair, the smell of pomegranates fills the air. I don't know why you talk to me or give me the looks that you dare.   Your mother hates me, no one can blame her for that.
Europa, Io, and Semele  Three took part in a marriage disassembly.  Zeus played his wife like a chess piece.  He visited clubs, went downtown, and attended rancid parties.
Today I lie in the ashes of my own passion, the ruins of reckless self-obsession.  I sought to outthink my mind, herself,  the prevailing ruler of all that concerns me.   
Here is a story Left often untold. Of a young lad and his lass,  Unusual to both new and old. The words are aflight And the plot is afoot -- There! Do you see him? Dirty, covered in soot,
perhaps  the story goes differently  this time just like  the last time icarus falls but this time someone is there to break his fall apollo couldn't
A curious silence  A desparate glare She stands in the creek The wind in her hair   What lies ahead? A world with no care The weeping woman has moved nowhere  
     Athens high school was home to some of the best and most talented gods and goddesses in all of Greece. This high class school was home of Zeus, Poseidon, and Aphrodite.
Modern medusa is technology,  A digital abyss holding the gaze of stone faces, A transfixing limitless potential. A plague of oblivion.  
In New York, above the empire state tower Zeus lays in Olympus Brooding; bored as ever He looks down on the city An idea forms in his mind Rain clouds with intensity pour down on mankind
A chime rings An ad is placed Full of things Unknown to our race   "Become rich with one trick"
A chime rings An ad is placed Full of things Unknown to our race   "Become rich with one trick"
Helmet of Steel, Decorated with Mac & Cheese Hands occupied with Kraft Singles I see   A formidable force of nature House music is his favorite
While I have always sought affection amongts the secrets of the night,  Sharing kinship with the shadows,  Relishing fromt the solitary seduction of it,   I cannot ignore the Sun.  
no you can’t see my shackles, no ball, no chain. that doesn’t mean I am free, for you I’m a slave.   addicted to your touch, you light up my nights. give me company when im alone,
Dear me, You, with all your crevices and caves are still the man in the glass, everyday he stares into your eyes with expectation of you fulfilling
Once upon a time in a muggy little pond Lived a family of feathers in a crappy little nest The nest was fine to hold the six, while still and round and small. But not too long those eggs will hatch,
Once upon a time used to begin old fairy tales, In a land far far away set the scene, But today the advancement in technology never fails, To begin a love story from a meme.   
Juliet 12:34 AM: Romeo? Juliet 12:35 AM: Romeo! Juliet 12:35 AM: Where for art thou?! Juliet 12:37 AM: ROMEO, WHY WONNE'TH THEE ANSWER MY TEXTS?!
She waits, silently in the lifeless yard. The sky that night, dark and starred. She lays there, waiting, its getting late. When he comes, they'll leave this fate.   
Love letters, glass slippers, and the yearning for true love are no more, instead replaced by Snapchat streaks, Instagram likes, and “gmorning” texts, 
The sobbing mother cringes as her baby cries. She wishes they had warned her just how loud a deaf child’s screams could be.
Cinderella danced away, but no one would come her way. Her sisters watched and laughed in pain, while sipping fancy champagne. No beautiful flowy gown or exquisite glass slipper,
Her lover enters through a little hole pierced in the crutch of her arm and when her lover enters her tongue fashions  coarse whispers.   Her lover calls to her and she pierces holes
Her lover enters through a little hole pierced in the crutch of her arm and when her lover enters her tongue fashions  coarse whispers.   Her lover calls to her and she pierces holes
Once upon a time, there lived a duckling in a pond. The duckling was by far the least attractive animal in the neighborhood and beyond. The pond was in the best gated community in all the land.
In South Park on bench I'm set, to meet a girl I've never met. Soft excitement comes alive, as I await her to arrive. Should this be our final meeting, remember fondly this moment fleeting.
Manmade stars seen through ash shadows blanketing this city made numb, the unmaking of man, thread unwinding from its spool too quick to remember.
Raised by ads on MTV                  faces on CNN                  words on screens                  and people without depth I am the product of pixels and vectors-  
Follow the flow of the wind. Long days and clocks never say goodbye, Going in circles watching your whole world spin.  
that crawling feeling when you're feeling all alone that buzzes from the depths of your soul to the teeth in your skull to the tips of your fingers, bouncing on the keys,
My job: To write down everything for those of you who can’t. I’m a scribe for the eyes who stare at blank pages, with too much to say, but no words to say it.
To spill the anger burning inside, To caress the heart crying,  To impede the endless thinking of mine,  To prevent myself from dying.    To cherish the precious memories made, 
He’s an alcoholic. A genius, but moronic, Meanest when he’s on it. Sedentary, Practically a-biotic As his eyes drooped then widened He would take another shot In the back of darkened corners
SPIT OUT THE BRIGHT COLORS painted on the unknown to make it marketable to the masses, the mugged middle-class. SPIT OUT ONTO A CANVAS make it out of imagination.
Second rate 
The Raven and The Light   The bird that flys in the night, you shall call him crow. I may call him winged king. The name beats in my heart.
if i turned over all the pebbleS one by onE
I have a theory,
Filled with judgement, we live our lives sensored by what people think and others' motives. Why? How come we express ourselves by the standards at which people set?
Words The power to harm and to lift and console.  The wisdom in combining
Here I write my vindicationFor my rightful dedicationWhile through holy elevationMy mindset moves to idolizationWhile in sweet elationTo a land of implication
This is a money hungry nation and without it you can't succeed,  People havin to suffer for things they need,  Yet the priveleged prosper from their greed,  I'm stuck in quicksand while the rich go full speed, 
When you're young you develop dreams, but it's easy to expect a lot and think it'll come easy. In reality those dreams become the little things, and all the hard work causes you to get queasy.  
Laying here awake thinking and not wanting to believe what I hear. I don’t want any of it to be true, but deep down I know it is. I can’t describe how bad it hurts, it’s beyond words.
Practicing our prayers Making our lives look great Making sure we didn’t sin So there would be nothing on to debate coming on service on time almost never been late trying to smile to each other
Lets rip into hypocrisy I dont mean The Bible it's perfect I mean our hypocrisy Explain to me how you see vision of Poles, strippers strip strip for you And money falling from the trees
Lyrical licks that lament the whips that tips the slaveholder that his chains don't hold the gold that sold out the captives, making them proactive to freeing them from the tree and be free, or is it just me?
If the society we live in today was just a dream and a simple pinch made us come back to reality, I wonder how things would be without all the brutality.
The marks we are born with connected to the veins implanted creation of unity of a whole entitled son. Creation defined as a connection from the sole to the other. Ballots sequence the gesture of communication
Oreos. Zebras. There are jokes about both That are funny to even the most welcoming of people. When two races mix, Two races so different as black and white, literally, Judgment is passed,
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