Icarus the Idiot

While I have always sought affection amongts the secrets of the night, 

Sharing kinship with the shadows, 

Relishing fromt the solitary seduction of it,


I cannot ignore the Sun.


Most thinking Icars idiotic and insane,

And yet I cannot imagine it so.

I think the idea was irresistible to imbibe himself with so much light.


Bursting into flame he could not ignore the Sun.


And everyone expecting this energy so freely exchanged,

Can you not entertain the thought that it is a gift?

Do you not see everything it envelops?


We cannot ignore the Sun.


Even this moon and these stars that I revere, 

Would not be as ravishing without the return of the Day's court.

If the final thing that I see is the Sun burned into my retinas, is that a loss?


I love this darkness, but like Icarus the Idiot, I cannot ignore the Sun. 



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