Greek Gods: Where are they Now?

In New York, above the empire state tower

Zeus lays in Olympus

Brooding; bored as ever

He looks down on the city

An idea forms in his mind

Rain clouds with intensity

pour down on mankind

Bored no longer

Zeus lays back, eager 


Near the seas of Florida

is where Poseidon thrives

He strides across the beaches

and interacts with all lives

Fishermen or fish

or other mythical sea beings

He feels at home

next to the great Atlantic seas


Hades is fuming

because deep in the underworld

the population is booming

Traffic in Asphodel freeway

is all clogged up

Hades feels like he's about to erupt

Persephone walks by

and rests herself on his shoulder

"Having fun big guy?"

Hades stares at her with daggers


Back in New York

Aphrodite hits the streets

She runs this city

In her high heeled cleats

Her beautiful jewelry

Her stylish hair

People graced by her presence

Can't help but stare!


Athena, a teacher

Apollo, a poet

Artemis, a hunter

Nike, a coach


One would think

the Gods would never conform

to such a changing climate

to them, it isn't "the norm"

but look here,

and watch the people closely

The Gods are among us

and they are doing quite nicely



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